<p>Here are my statistics:</p>

<p>SAT: 2310 (780W, 730 CR, 800 M)
SAT II's: Math II 800, Chem 690, Physics 690
AP Tests: Comp Sci A:5
US History: 4
English Language: 4
(taking 8 more this year)</p>

<p>GPA: 100.125 (on 100 scale)
Rank: 9 out of 594
Senior year courses - (all planned AP tests from above are my courses)</p>

Essays: Strong
Teacher Recs: Strong
Counselor Rec: strong</p>

Won state Junior Academy science fair in computer science and then won among all the physical sciences
Won multiple chess tournaments as a team (I have won as an individual since then, but not on my applications)
First Place at the regional science fair (junior year)</p>

Chess Club President
Programming Team Captain
Multiple other organizations (that I am a member of, but not really any other officer positions)
Varsity Cross Country team 12th (10th and 11th = JV)
Varsity Soccer 9th</p>

State or Country: Texas
School Type: uhh... idk... it is a fairly rich-kid public school I suppose...
Ethnicity: 50% Hispanic, 50% Caucasian (I put Hispanic)
Gender: male</p>

<p>As well, I lived in Alaska for the first two years of high school if that counts a a hook =P but that was basically the main reason I finished 9th instead of higher in the rankings because there were no AP or honors classes offered at that school (which I attended for 9th or 10th grade).</p>

<p>And if it changes anything in your decision, I was waitlisted by Caltech.</p>

<p>Thanks, I do appreciate it!</p>

<p>P.S. I probably should mention that I would like chances for the following schools:</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon
Notre Dame

<p>thanks again!</p>

<p>what schools? also, what does 'planned' mean? very nice application overall... however the SAT II's are very weak for science and math schools. Interesting background (very), so I'm sure that will be taken very well into consideration. EC's seem to be pretty strong too. The only weak point that I can really see are SAT II's... everything else is pretty strong.</p>

<p>hmm... I suppose I shouldn't even mention those AP tests... basically what it meant was that I am taking those classes now... but that shouldn't affect my chances of getting in I suppose (also, I've updated it with the schools I would like chances for)</p>

<p>and with the SAT II's, Physics was taken in December of this year (I'm in Physics B (I?) right now) and Chem was also taken in December, and I'm in AP Chem now (at our school chem II)</p>

<p>(I'm assuming we aren't supposed to double-post, but for some reason the edit button isn't appearing for me...)
Basically what I was going to say was that if you need any more info or different info, I can give it, I just didn't really know what to put down...</p>


<p>Okay, I'm not expert, but I'd say your chances at Carnegie Mellon and Notre Dame are pretty good.
MIT and Stanford are really competitive so it's awfully hard to many people on CC say, schools that competitive are reaches for everyone.</p>

<p>okay, thanks...
yeah, when it comes to places like Caltech, MIT, and Stanford, it can be a very humbling experience, and its subject to so much chance...</p>

<p>my God Father is one of the admissions officers of MIT. and i would say to keep doing community service, participate in sports, and keep grades up.</p>

<p>aww shoot... I got waitlisted at MIT as well... 2 down, 3 to go...</p>