<p>I've applied to:
Cornell (Arts & Sciences)
UC Berkeley
(all regular decision)</p>

<p>I was wondering if I could get some chances feedback...</p>


<p>1st time:


Math 2: 780
Physics: 740</p>


<p>GPA: unweighted 3.98, weighted 4.34</p>

Calculus (5), Physics, (current), Biology (current), Statistics (current)</p>

<p>Class rank: 8/240</p>

<p>EC's (my weak spot):</p>

<p>Cross country (JV in 10th, Varsity in 12th)
Track (Varsity, 12th)
Wrestling (11th only-I was NOT good)
Mock Trial (Made 4th in semi-finals, I was a prosecution lawyer, 12th grade)
Volunteer summer job (daycamp jr. leader) only for one summer
Summer job (food service @ amusement park) for one summer
Worked almost every summer painting
Minor work as a science tutor (11th)
Leadership (student counsel) as Class of 08 treasurer (11th and 12th)</p>

<p>I feel I did a pretty good essay, and I know my teachers submitted excellent recommendations...</p>

<p>Also, don't know if this adds any particular info/insight, but the colleges I've been accepted to are UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Davis, and Cal Poly. I've been rejected at MIT and Caltech.</p>

<p>So anyone, what do you think (and thanks for the time)?</p>

<p>Wow dude, i don't know about the rest, but you look like your in for sure at cornell. I got in yesterday, and you beat me in literally every single category, by a lot. Good luck.</p>

<p>Well, thanks for the encouragement, and congratulations on getting in. Out of curiosity, how did you find out? Because I haven't heard anything from them yet, and I thought their reply date was the 31st?</p>

<p>Anyways, I guess I'll go double check their website...again, thanks, and congratulations.</p>

<p>In all likelihood, you're probably in. Scores and GPA are impressive, EC's, good, but perhaps your courseload is lacking. But then again, I'm not sure what your HS offers.
Some schools within Cornell are rolling decisions, so perhaps that's why some people have heard and you haven't. (A&S is not rolling)</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, why MIT and Caltech?</p>

<p>About the courseload thing, my school is severely lacking in the AP department...we only have 7:</p>

...and European History was just added this year.</p>

<p>My focus is on science and math (I've indicated this in my application), and of the 7 AP courses, I've taken the 4 math and science ones, so I don't think that will be a problem.</p>

<p>And MIT and Caltech? I want to study some kind of science (possibly for research, pre-med, engineering...I really have no clue) and those are basically the top for science in the country (probably the world)...I just thought I'd see if I could get in. But I think my math scores were too low (I'm one of the two best mathematicians at my school). But I guess the majority (~53%) of people at MIT have a perfect 800 in math on the SAT and I think they like you to have already done research, written papers, won science contests, cured a major disease, etc. But I've always got UCSD, so it's cool.</p>

<p>i got in earlier because i am a URM, everyone else shouldnt find out until the 31st, and even if you are a URM u might not find out until the 31st.</p>

<p>just out of curiosity, degan, were you college of arts & sciences? (I hear there is some difference in selectivity between the colleges...)</p>

<p>Did you apply early to MIT?</p>

<p>Anyway, I think you have a really good shot. You have better stats than I do and I got in.</p>

<p>golden130, yes i was accepted into the college of arts and sciences</p>

<p>don't even worry about it. you think your ecs are bad, but it's totally cancelled out by your awesome test scores and gpa. trust me, if i could get in with ABSOLUTELY NO ECs in grades 9 and 10, plus mediocre test scores and a 3.8 gpa, you definately can get in.</p>