<p>i HIGHLY doubt any chance but w/e
i just wanted to kno if i had any chance at all getting into Cornell
Major: Biology
im a indian american Sikh/Hindu
Location: Montville, New Jersey
rank: 52/320
math-690 CR-520(not my thing) writing-560 (not my thing)
bio - 720 math1 - 650
ACT - 27
AP Biology - 4
AP Chemistry - TBA
AP Spanish - TBA
AP Research in Molecular Biology (there is no ap test for this course; this course is straight from rutgers university and funded by G.E., only way to get credits was to buy them)</p>

Freshman Football 7-3
JV Football 22-2
Varisty Football 20-11 (made states in junior year) (senior class with most wins in school history)
National Honors Scoiety (w/ tutoring)
Spanish National Honors Society (w/ tutoring)
1 year work experience (Catering/Party Managment)
International Concerns Club
Junior Red Cross Club
Montville Web Design Club
Varsity Track and Field
One Human Performance (seasonal football training) (Captain)
Volunteered at Doctor's Office
Volunteered at religious church</p>

<p>I can't really comment on your chances since I don't even go to this school, I'm trying to get in, like you.</p>

<p>But if critical reading and writing aren't your thing, then make them your thing- that's my advice for all the high school kids. You're going to be writing essays for the foreseeable future anyways, so why not go in for extra help after class and do all the little things to make yourself a better writer? Being able to write is probably one of the most important tools you will need in today's society. And a biology major is still going to be writing a ton of lab reports and reviewing abstracts and stuff like that. It will benefit you soooo much in the long run and open so many doors. Trust me.</p>

<p>I think that Cornell is a high reach for you, esp. if you are applying to CAS at Cornell. Your class rank, SAT, and ACT scores hurt you alot in the ultracompetitive applicant pool at Cornell.</p>

<p>work on your ACT! i did over the summer and it really paid off. keep the faith and just work hard.</p>

<p>yeah I went from a 28 to a 25... , but then to a 31! So def. keep trying on the ACT.</p>

<p>well you play football =]</p>

<p>Your rank and SAT are going to kill you.</p>

<p> any national awards?? It'll be the only thing that can save you if you don't want Cornell to be a high reach>.<</p>