<p>currently a soph at Rutgers
gpa: 3.1 but after this semester 3.45 (i'm taking my finals early so that my grades for this semester will be available for the admissions board) .. and also my gpa steadily incresed since first semester freshman year ... 2.7 to 3.2 to 3.6 to 4.0
sats: 1900/2400 & 1350/1600
sat2: math 710 lit 550 or something
recs: two profs that know me well and think im talented
college -
debate - top speaker
nj public interest research group - director of water testing
hindu student council - fundraising chair
violin - winner of annual classical showcase
childrens theatre - director & organizer
essay: i wrote about how i felt out of place at rutgers and didnt like the big school and the atmosphere wasnt intellectual .. i went to a debate tournament at a liberal arts school and found the type of school i belong at (small liberal arts)</p>

<p>what top liberal arts schools in the northeast do you think i would qualify for? just want to see what you think before posting the schools i applied to</p>

<p>hmm... transferring from rutgers will be quite questionable.</p>

<p>Again...i am not sure.</p>

<p>Is it a NESCAC school?</p>

Conn College

<p>Those are my guesses.</p>

<p>hmm really? I applied to Wesleyan but I'm scared my gpa is too low
I also applied to Bryn Mawr, Brandeis, Smith, MoHo, and Barnard</p>

<p>Nice to see another Brandeis transfer, especially one who won't be competing for a seat in the sophomore class : ). Best of luck, it sounds like your personal experiances and ecs are right down B's alley, Gpa is lowish but still schools like upward trends AND their transfer acceptance rate is 47%. I'm optomistic about your chances at least at B.</p>