<p>Applied to accelerated JD/BA 6yr program thing
Middle Eastern (which colleges consider caucasian....not fair)...dnt think this matters though</p>

<p>Location: VA
rank: top 1% out of a little less than 500
ACT - 30
Weighted GPA: above a 4
APs: 14 total....I actually took the classes for these...did not just take the test (one 5, four 4s, 2 3s, and 7 I have not taken yet)</p>

<p>I have taken many challenging classes across all subjects with a noticeable focus on business.....</p>


<p>most honors societies (like all of you)
captain of debate team (with the exception of the ones for foreing languages)
basketball (not school team)
volunteering (500+ hours)
president's service award recepient (award given from the white house for volunteering)
a bunch of other </p>


<p>don't know your chances, but i'm with you for the middle eastern thing. I am too, but i had to check white :(</p>