<p>Caucasian female
North New Jersey
Junior at Good public high School
GPA: 4.1 weighted
Didnt get SATS back yet; will soon </p>

<p>Course Load:
Freshmen: Geophysical Science, Algebra 1, Chamber Choir, World History, English 1
Sophomore: Honors Geometry, Honors Bio, Honors Choral Music, Honors US 1, English 2
Junior: Honors Choral Music, Honors Chem, Honors Algebra 2, English 3, Honors US 2
Senior: Honors Gov, AP Art History, Honors Physics, English 4, Math Analysis</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
Citywide Youth Opera
ATC Teen Summer NYC showcase
Community Service:200+ hours
Church- Sunday School Teacher
Chamber Choir
Select Girls Choir
Peer leadership
School Musicals- sophomore and freshmen year
Part time employment-Gymnastics instructor
Church Christian Education Board</p>

<p>Hard to say without knowing your SATs or your unweighted GPA. Having Art History as your only AP does not present an overly impressive transcript. And what is "math analysis"? What happened to calc?</p>