<p>Gender: Male
Resident: Honolulu, Hawaii
Race: Pacific Islander/White (Half Filipino, Half White)
School: Bad public school in Honolulu. It's very old, nobody goes to HYPS let alone any other top colleges
Grade: Junior
Rank: 1/274</p>

<p>GPA: 3.97UW, 4.35W</p>

<p>Junior Year Schedule:
AP English Lang
AP World History
AP Stats
AP Physics B
Band </p>

<p>(Self studying AP Psychology and AP Comparative Gov)</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:
AP English Lit
AP Biology
AP Chem
AP Calc AB
AP US History
AP Comp Sci AB (Online class)</p>

<p>AP Scores so far:
AP Euro - 4</p>

<p>SAT: 1960 (M: 680, CR: 660, W: 620, 9 essay) Gonna retake, I took it without studying
ACT: 31 (E: 28, M: 30, R: 36, S: 31, 8 Essay) Gonna retake, I took it without studying
Taking World History, MathIIC, and Physics in June</p>

- 6 years of Clarinet, Section Leader
- Marched in the 2006 Rose Parade, Marching again in 2009
- Hawaii High School Honor Band
- Hawaii All-State Marching Band
- Interact Club; 100 hours of community service (2 years)
- National Honors Society (2 years)
- Mu Alpha Theta, President next year (2 years)
- Oahu Math League (2 years)
- Philosophy Club (2 years)
- Political Forum Club, Vice President Select (2 years)</p>

- Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
- AP Scholar with Distinction </p>

<p>I moved from SoCal to Hawaii between my Sophmore and Junior years. As a result, almost all of my extracurriculars are only 2 years long except for band.</p>

<p>My mom is an alumni of USD. </p>

<p>I was wondering what my chances are for this school. Are my stats good enough that I can consider it a safety or match? Do you think I could get a merit scholarship if I applied? Thanks for your input/advice! =D</p>

<p>looks like a easy safety</p>

<p>Yes, agree with bobo, easy safety. Yes, I see $$$$ along with acceptance. Mother being an alumna is just a bonus, your stats are great, so far.</p>