<p>White Male from CT </p>

<p>Overall GPA: 3.4 un-weighted(grades are on an upward curve from fresh. Yr)
Rank: top 25% (pretty competitive school)
*Like most on here I take all honors/AP courses </p>

<p>AP Classes:
AP US History
AP Lit
AP Calculus
AP Phsy. </p>

<p>Good Recommendations </p>

<p>Solid essays </p>

<p>EC's/community service:
4 years of competitive Soccer
4 years competitive Track
Interact club- do different community service around the area very week
Jewish Youth Group- Do community service projects around area
Special Olympics Coach
NOLS- National Outdoor Leadership School (2 weeks backpacking in mts.)
Science and Math scholars U of Michigan business class
Nominated to Georgetown summer medical program
Hosted a girl from Spain for a Month (talked Spanish w/ her…etc) </p>

Math: 700
Verbal: 650
Writing: 630</p>

<p>Have not taken SAT II yet</p>


<p>You did not mention if you were waitlisted or not. Decisions were available online since March 14th.</p>

<p>im a junior right now so i would be applying next year</p>

<p>I see you are participant in a Jewish youth group. Assuming you are Jewish, make sure they know that. Jews are actually one of the greatest minorities at Elon, even more than most other ethnicities. Do well on the SAT II's, especially Math 2 and whatever you may be considering majoring in. I took Math 2 and the Chem SAT II's, did well, and was offered to start in the advanced Chem class despite not ever taking AP Chem. They definitely look at that kind of information even though they aren't required. As an admissions counselor, I would like seeing that your grades have been improving every year. However, this may make you a candidate for the wait list as they see if your improvement continues through your senior year. Taking a heavy course load next year would definitely help. If you think you can improve your verbal or writing scores to closer to a 700 mark, it's worth a try.</p>

<p>hey grantb, thanks for your input, its one of the most helpful responses ive gotten. I am going to make it known that i am apart of the jewish community. For my courseload next year, im taking AP's (3) one honors and one regular (spanish).</p>

<p>i think you're in. i was waitlisted with way worse stats - 85 average, 2 aps, 1230 sat/28 act. so i dont see why you wouldnt get in.</p>

<p>I got in with almost the same stats as you:</p>

<p>3.4 gpa
30 act
1960 sat
6 aps
4 honors
good ecs</p>