<p>Hi, I'm in that freak out mode where it's all a waiting game to hear back. But I am applying as a sophomore transfer because I have 3 semesters of academic credit. Would really appreciate hearing from someone about chances?</p>

<p>hs gpa 3.7
captain mock trial, class president, other ecs
sat 2100
cr 760 mt 630 wr 710 (11)</p>

<p>col gpa 3.7
dean's list all semesters, orientation leader, RA, work study, model UN</p>

awesome, one really, really famous professor who wrote an amazing letter of rec</p>

<p>my hook;
work experience in my major.
intern fall semester of soph year
full time co-op with a high ranking government official</p>

all solid reasons for transfer and overcoming personal stuff junior year of high school</p>

brown, penn, gtown, uva, unc, swathmore</p>


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<p>It depends where you are living. If you are in Virginia you have a great shot at UVA, even if you don't you still have a good shot I think. With UNC transfer, they don't care if you are out of state or instate, so I think you have a good chance there as well. I can't help you with the other schools because I don't really know much about them.</p>

<p>Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.</p>

<p>bump bump?
anyone else?</p>

<p>I think you would be best served looking at the transfer admission threads from past years and seeing what the different statistics were for those who were accepted to the schools you've applied to. I don't think there are many people who are qualified to make a decision about your chances, and I don't think many people want to because it could either falsely raise your hopes and expectations -- or give you more anxiety attacks. So yeah.</p>

<p>Best of Luck.</p>

<p>How'd you participate in Model UN during college? I've wanted to do the same thing but I didn't know that was possible.</p>