<p>GPA UW: 3.5ish
GPA W: 4.3 ish</p>

<p>SAT: 1520/2230</p>

<p>SAT2: 750 Bio, 760 lit 800 IIC math</p>

<p>EC: I have other stuff, but these are my main two</p>

<p>VERY actively involved in national circuit LD debate; extremely dedicated to the task and its effects</p>

<p>Helps poor kids at a local elementary school academically</p>

<p>how involved is VERY involved?? NFL?? TOC's??</p>

<p>Look, you really can't ask chances for U of C. Look at some of the kids waitlisted/rejected this year. MANY of them have amazing stats, with higher GPA's and higher SAT's than yours. However, many of the accepted students also have lower GPA's/SAT's than yours. Thus, just make sure your essay stands out, and you should be fine.</p>