<p>i know its probably only a week away, but i really wanna know what my chances might be. I got 710 math, 740 reading, and 800 writing, 32 composite on ACT, my GPA is 4.133 on 4.33 scale, and weighted its a 4.795 on 5.0 scale. I took AP US History and AP Lang and Comp last year and got 5’s on both tests, this year I’m taking AP Calculus BC, AP Lit and Comp, and AP Psychology. I won award for “best” male junior last year, I played baseball on freshman and jv teams, as well as ran cross country for 3 yrs and track for last year and this year. Admitted into National Honor Society, and as a side note I’ve self-published a novel. I also have over 200 hrs of community service, have tutored, and held a job as a youth basketball referee for 4 winters. So how are my chances?</p>

<p>you sound like a very strong candidate. SAT's and ACT seem within the middle to upper range of applicants, and EC's seem good. What qualified you for "best" male junior? It made me laugh.</p>

<p>Dear jwriter90 : Clearly, your test scores are solid and your AP curriculum is strong. Sports are present, school involvement is here, community service (although not detailed) is mentioned, and you have a few other bits-and-bobs in the note.</p>

<p>Given your stength on the numbers, tell us why you think you might NOT get into BC. That might actually produce a better chance-me set of responses.</p>