<p>Hey, I know I should be getting my decision in a matter of days, but maybe I'll be more prepared for it if I get your opinions. Here's a little info (I'll keep it brief)
Male from a competitive public high school in Florida
IB diploma Candidate
GPA- 3.5 unweighted, 4.1 weighted(with APs, IBs)
SAT- 700 CR, 710 Math, 660 Writing
SAT II- 750 Chem
President of a couple clubs, student gov't for four years
Only 2 non-IB classes over the last 2 years (both were Chorus)
Senior year schedule- Chorus, IB Contemp. Hist, IB Chem III, IB Eng IV, IB French IV, IB/AP Calc AB, IB Theory of Knowledge
Senior year GPA is my highest ever, 3.71 uw, 4.71 w</p>

<p>I dont know if they would be hooks, but I'm also Iranian, and I don't need any aid. Thanks, and good luck to all!!!</p>

<p>o yeah, top 25%</p>


<p>Letters are mailed tomorrow. Just wait it out.</p>