Chances :)

<p>-Entering Senior Year at really competitive private school in San Diego, CA
-GPA 3.86/4.49 (school weights Honors and AP courses)
Upward Trend (B+/A- to A/A+)
Very Hard Senior Year (5 AP’s, 7 classes)
10 Honors classes total, 7 AP’s
-SAT I: 2110 (will retake, should get at least 2200)
-SAT II: US Hist:…710
Biology (M):…750
Math II:…790
-AP’s: Biology:…5
English Lang…5
Micro Econ…?
Macro Econ…?
Physics B…?
Calc AB…?
Human Geo…?
English Lit…?
13 years of piano lessons (with music theory awards)
Play keyboard in school’s Pep Band
5 years of self taught jazz guitar
Guitar in Pep Band and school jazz band
Taught myself saxophone and trumpet in summer before senior year to
play in school’s jazz band.
Really into jazz (essay material)
2 years Varsity soccer (likely captain next year)
1 year of Varsity Tennis
2 years of Varsity Golf
Insanely good at foosball, badmitton, and footbag (hackey sack) (best in school of ~700, should I include?)<br>
My team won school’s intramural hockey championship (should I include?)
Pretty good surfer…
Over 50 hours of community service (certain # required for school)
Small amount of job experience (like a week :slight_smile: Possibly more this year
Member of California Scholarship Federation
Starting fund raising club at school next year (for charity)</p>

<p>Majoring in Economics</p>

<p>I had higher scores (I: 2320 II: 3 800's), but lower grades (4.3 approx.), and you have much more EC's. My recommendation: send in tapes of your jazz, even if you don't plan on doing any music at Brown. The top privates love it.</p>

<p>I wouldn't include the whole "Insanely good at foosball, badmitton, and footbag (hackey sack)" and "My team won school's intramural hockey championship" thing, but I would ask a teacher or a guidance counselor to mention it in a rec. Or you can just mention these in your EC essay/blurb. (P.S. "Badmitton" is spelled 'badminton'.)</p>

<p>As for your chances, I would say you'd be a contender. For a frame of reference, our SAT scores were more or less the same, my GPA was higher, and your ECs reveal more.</p>