Native American
3 Year Public High School</p>

<p>3.97 UW GPA; 4.5 W
APs: 4 on Euro (soph), 5 on US History (Junior)
SATs; 2130 (770 MTH, 720 CR, 640 WR)
SAT IIs (wont send...) 740 US History, 650 each Chemistry and Math II
3 APs and a college extension class Senior year</p>

JV soccer (10)
V Soccer (11)
Select Soccer (11 months/ year) since 11 years old with same team
Drums since 7th Grade
Signed Band 10th and 11th (since split up)
Volunteering at Pow Wow (only one weekend per year, but 16 hours...)
Prob German Club President this year.
Started doing Muay Thai Kickboxing this summer</p>

<p>Any Thoughts?</p>

<p>GPA is nearly meaningless without rank. However, if you're highly ranked, which your GPA suggests you may be, your chances are high. Based on my observations, academically successful URMs usually gain admission to WASP even without some special talents/achievements. </p>

<p>Your SAT I is great, though retaking Math II might be prudent. Your chances are high.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>I would bet my rank is very high, but I don't know for sure. </p>

<p>Luckily, CMC doesn't require SAT IIs (I am not homeschooled...) so they won't be seeing that. Of course, Pomona will be...</p>

<p>the thing is.. when you send you SAT I's, you automatically send your SAT II's with them regardless of whether you want them to be seen</p>

<p>and i happen to think that your SAT IIs are fine - dont worry, be happy</p>

<p>Yeah I'm content... the scores look ok but the percentiles are pretty bad (51), considering most of the geniuses take them</p>

<p>Your stats are excellent, and you say you are Native American, an under-represented (and sought after) group on virtually every campus. I think you have an excellent shot at Claremont McKenna, but I also think you have a great shot at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT. Don't be afraid to reach.</p>