<p>I am applying for the class of 2013 and I'm a senior this year. I'm an indian and female and planning to go into premed
ACT: 28 writing: 10 (does this significantly hurt my chances???)
biology 710
math 2 690
chemistry 690
Biology (received 5 on test)
Chemistry (received 3 on test)
senior yr APs:
US History
Language & Composition
Literature & composition

<p>After this year ive taken all AP classes offered at my school.</p>

<p>I've also taken multiple honors courses, four years of Spanish and College Physics.</p>

<p>GPA:3.86 UW
Class rank - top 10% out of 350</p>

Speech Team
Diversity Club
Model UN
School Leadership Team
Spanish Club
Help run school television program
School Gifted Program
Science Bowl Team</p>

Volunteer at hospital (75 hrs)
helped organize a mother-daughter "tween" event
received division 1 in multiple solo and ensemble events for clarinet
recieved division 1 for multiple speech events
Physics Olympics-2nd place
Honor Roll
have done research program for 6 weeks at a state college under mentor</p>

<p>I've been on varsity tennis since sophomore year and junior yr I was the number 1 seed.</p>