<p>I already sent in my ED application so to kill the time I thought it would be interesting to see if I have a chance. Please be honest in your responses.</p>

<p>I'm a white male from a Jesuit high school with about 260 kids in my particular grade. (Our school doesn't rank but I would probably be somewhere in the top 15)</p>

<p>On my app. I said I would be interested in majoring in either Neuroscience or Classics. (I've taken 4 years of Latin and Ancient Greek in my school)</p>



<p>(The avg SAT for my school for the last 3 years for people who got accepted to JHU was 1360/1600 and 2048/2400)</p>

<p>SAT II's (still waiting on 2 more taken on Nov. test date-not required for JHU)</p>

<p>Bio M-680</p>


<p>3.74 UW (most difficult courseload)</p>

<p>AP's (taking 3 more now AP English Lit/Comp, AP Calc AB, AP Latin Vergil)</p>

<p>AP Bio-4
AP Euro-4
AP English Lang/Comp-5
AP US-4</p>


<p>Volunteer work at local hospital (3 years)
Eucharistic minister (3 years)
Academic support tutoring (2 years)
National Honor Society Member + Tutor (2 years)
Classics Club Editor (2 years)
JV Ice Hockey Assistant Captain (1 year)
Marine Biology Club (1 year)
(Couple of others mentioned on my app.)</p>

<p>Took Calc 1 and Calc 2 at a local community college</p>


<p>Worked at my dad's office for 2 summers doing paperwork and interacting with patients</p>


<p>I did the online JHU app and did not need to include my common app essay. The two essays I did submit came out very nice and were looked over by a family friend who is one the JHU board of directors (he said that they were both excellent)</p>


<p>One from English teacher and from Chem teacher</p>

<p>I went for a visit and have an interview coming up even though it isn't required. Once again please be honest. Its a bit late for any type of help lol but if I could get a rough idea of what kind of chance I have at JHU that would be great. Thanks</p>