<p>3.8 Weighted/3.0 Unweighted</p>

<p>Freshmen Year 3.0/3.0
Sophomore 3.3/3.0
Junior 3.8/3.0</p>

<p>Advanced Classes
Sophomore(1 Honors)
Junior (2 Honors 2 AP)
1st Period of Jr Year
Reading- B
AP American History- C
Spanish 2- b
Alg. 2 Honors- C
AP Eng. Lang.-B
Chem Honors- B</p>

<p>2nd Period of Jr Year (Halfway through)
Reading- A
AP American History- C
Spanish 2- B
Alg. 2 Honors- B
AP Eng. Lang.- C
Chem Honors- B</p>

-Varsity Tennis Player(10th, 11th)
-Cyber Club</p>

<p>Soon to be more clubs as they are weak.</p>

Jr- 143</p>

<p>depends on major</p>

<p>Need to know SAT/ACT scores to have any real idea.</p>

<p>Either business or sports management</p>