<p>White Male who goes to a fairly competitive all-boys school
Applying to MSB</p>

<p>SAT: M 750 CR 700
GPA: 3.989/4.0 with all AP's and honors classes
Rank: Around 5% (give or tak a percentage point)
Recomendation: Excellent
Essay: Decent
Interview: went well
SAT II's: Math II- 790, US History-800, Math I-750
Awards: 12th Place in 2007 JV Continental Catholic High School MathContest, 4th Place in 2008 JV Continental Catholic High School Math Contest, Excellence in Spanish Award, Bloustein Scholar, Member of Varsity Academic Team, MVP for Academic team, NHS, Science NHS, Spanish NHS, around 200 hours of community service.
Other info: Georgetown accepts multiple kids from my school every year and this year 5 kids have been accepted EA.</p>

<p>I would put your chances at excellent. Good luck!</p>

<p>definitely a good chance :)</p>

<p>anymore people's thoughts</p>

<p>Everything seems to look good, the only thing that might be a problem would be leadership, something that Gtown place pretty highly. Do you have any major leadership positions?</p>