<p>Asian Male from NJ. My public HS is #3 in the state. My school sends a lot of kids to Ivies, 3 to princeton alone last year, 3 each to Columbia, Penn, Cornell, and one to Brown, two to Yale. But none to H-vard for 4 years now, even with amazing applicants. What do you think my chances are at the schools i'm applying to (at the bottom of the post)? Thanks for your help, and good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>GPA 4.315 (w)</p>

<p>SAT 1600
SAT II Writing, US Hist, Chem 800s
SAT II Math 2C 780</p>

<p>AP Lang.-5
AP Chemistry-5
AP US History-5
AP Calc BC-(will take in May, 2005)
AP Gov.-(will take in May, 2005)
AP Biology-(will take in May, 2005)
AP French-(will take in May, 2005)
AP Lit.-(will take in May, 2005)</p>

Marching Band 4 yrs: Sousaphone, Tuba, Flute
150 Hospital volunteer hrs
Silver/Bronze in Chemistry Olympics
NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing
Varsity Debate: president, various team/speaker awards
JV tennis/cross-country
Intel STS entrant (research report scholarship program)</p>

<p>Work Experience:
2 Summers research internship
SAT Tutor</p>

<p>Schools Applying to:
Harvard (EA)

<p>Here are my best estimates...</p>

<p>Harvard (EA) - 60%
Princeton - 70%
Yale - 70%
UPENN - 75%
Columbia - 75%
Duke - 95%
WashU - 99%
Stanford - 75%
Emory - 95%
Northwestern - Not sure about this one</p>

<p>You're stats are amazing, I'm sure everything will go just fine. Good luck.</p>

<p>Your SAT is low, if you can improve that, you are set.</p>

<p>haha. dude, if a 1600 is low, i don't stand a chance! :)</p>

<p>that 1600 is out of the new scale, 2400. so yeah its low :)</p>

<p>Ha. It's true, my kids won't be impressed when I tell them that they have to work hard on their SATs when they ask how I did. But guys, SAT scores aren't everything, in fact, they mean less than almost any other aspect of your application, excepting the interview. This applies more for elite schools, because everyone generally has a good SAT score.</p>