<p>Schools I'm applying to:
Yale (first choice, applied early action)
Penn State Univ. Park
Loyola in MD
William and Mary

<p>Intended major: Political Science, probably with a pre-law concentration, and a double minor in French and Drama

<p>17 year old girl, senior at a very prestigeous, academically-challenging prep school, living outside of Philadelphia, PA, first-generation college attendee from a lower-middle class family</p>

<p>SAT Is: 770 Verbal, 680 Math
SAT IIs: 800 Writing
630 French Reading
630 US History
(taking Math 1C and French Reading again in December)</p>

US History, 4
US Government, 4
Chemistry, 3
(taking French, Comparative Government, and Literature this year, testing in May)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.7-3.8</p>

<p>School does not rank</p>

Member of student council in 9th and 11th, Student Body President this year (huge deal at my school)
Soccer team all 4 years, team captain this year
Mastersingers all 4 years
Dramatic productions all 4 years, dance captain and/or principal role each year
Mock trial 10th, 11th, and 12th, witness or attorney role all 3 years
Speech and Debate team all 4 years, won several prestigeous awards
Community service, altar server for my church since 5th grade, 7 years of service with Winners On Wheels, group for handicapped children.</p>

<p>Any and all feedback appreciated!</p>

<p>Here is my best estimate...assuming you are in the top 25% of your class (if your school provides you with a decile rank your chances would be higher):</p>

<p>Yale (first choice, applied early action) - 40%
Brown - 45%
NYU - 85%
Penn State Univ. Park - 99% (apply early...rolling admission)
Loyola in MD - 99%
American - 99%
William and Mary - 90%
UVA - 99%
Duke - 65%</p>

<p>You're stats are really good even though you don't have an spectacular EC's or crazy high GPA's. Good luck.</p>

<p>UVA wouldn't be 99% since you are out of state. UVA takes about 20% out of state. Nonetheless, you have a great shot at UVA, I'd say about 60%.</p>

<p>Yeah..opps...what johnst said. :P I'm pretty confident my other predictions are on the ball.</p>