<p>Hi, could anyone tell me my chances at Brandeis
GPA: was 90.96 out of 97, but this term has been bad for me, so I think i will have a 89ish or low 90 Gpa, out of 97. I will definetly do better senior year tho ,so maybe that will help.
SAT 2: Math IC 760, I havent taken others yet, but I will take two more
I do varsity swimming
I have been ballroom dancing for 6 years
I am club head of a feminist club
I am also on four other clubs at school
I write for the school newspaper
I volunteer with refugee children over the summer, about 130 hours
I volunteer at March of Dimes
I work at Liz Lange Maternity Store and the school Library
I also attended a rigoruos 10 day law prgram at Washington, where I won an award for my mock trail performance
I am from Ukraine(Maybe that helps)
o and I also go to a private school
So let me know what you think</p>

<p>Your ECs are really good and overall I think you have a good chance. However I know that it is tougher to get into any private American school as an international student and your GPA is on the low side. Be prepared to kick butt senior year and show a lot of interest in the school, and we'll see how it goes!</p>

<p>I agree with Stain. Your SAT and EC's will be acceptable but your GPA will be below average for Brandeis. If you show a strong Senior year you will have a legitamate shot, but even with Match credentials there is always an element of unpredictability. But Brandeis prides itself on its diverse student population so I think they look for strong international students. Good luck!</p>

<p>That's not a bad GPA. The sports will help a lot, since they don't have many athletes.</p>

<p>im actually not international i was just born in Ukraine and russian is my frist language. But no I live in NY.</p>