<p>This is really general, but i can update this a bit when i get my SAT score in a week, and when i take my SAT II's in november:</p>

ECs-key club, executive renaissance club, honor society, spanish club, volunteered at hospital for 4 years, over 500 hours, volunteered at science expo for 4 years in a row, presidential academic award (gpa=3.5 or above for all of junior high, which includes 9th grade)(this really isn't an EC, just an award...)
SAT II's-all above 650 in writing, math IIC, and bio]</p>

University of washington
University of Florida
University of Texas-Austin
University of Pittsburgh
Boston College/ University-(question, do they give good financial aid?)
Rice University</p>

<p>Oh yea, Carnegie Mellon too</p>

<p>I feeling like giving another Yes/Maybe/No chance prediction.
Maybe means it is too close to say yes/no.</p>

<p>UVA: Yes
Cornell: No
Brown: No
Columbia: No
UWashington: Yes
UFlorida: Yes
UTexas: Yes
UPitt: Yes
UCLA: ???
BU: Yes
BC: Yes
Rice: No
CMU: Maybe</p>


<p>UVA: Match
Cornell: Reach
Brown: Reach
Columbia: Reach
Washington: Match
Florida: Safety
UT-Austin: Safe Match
Pittsburgh: Safety
UCLA: Reach (out of state)
Boston College: Slight Reach
BU: Match
Rice: Reach
CMU: Reach</p>