<p>I am a rising senior from the bay area</p>

<p>3.81/4.1 GPA (but got straight As all of junior year)
2240 SAT (790 CR, 730 M, 720 W)
35 ACT (9 W)</p>

<p>AP US history 5
AP English Language 5
Will be taking 5 AP courses senior year.</p>

about 90 hours community service
4 years varsity soccer
8 years club Class I soccer
ran track 2 years
member of Spanish Club at school
member of the CA Scholarship Federation
very involved with theater, both in and out of school
attended summer theater program at Brown this summer
also very involved in creative writing- have been published in school lit mag, local quarterly, take creative writing classes extracurricularly</p>

<p>you need something that stands out.</p>