<p>im a sophomore in high school looking to get into either afa, usma, or usna. our school is known for a very high percentage of 4 year college students and outstanding classes. i have a 3.8/4.0 with taking all honors classes and taking 4 ap classes jr year.i got a 1480 on sats, 32 on act, i will be a 4 year letter winner in football, track and powerlifting, and i think a 3 year letter winner for baseball as well. i was in the young marines and received medals of physical excellence nationally and i reached the rank of sergeant in 2 years time which is the min. you can get. i also went to florida air academy for a year and got "top classmen of the year" medal and reached a rank higher than any of my other classmates. ive been doing community service for 2 years now and ive made 8/32 in my weight class at state for powerlifting and was wondering what my chances could be</p>

<p>damn, you'll definetely get in to all of them. i only had a 1350 sat and besides the fact that my parents were in the military, i didn't to any jr rotc or any of that. but somehow i got a call from westpoint that they really wanted me to apply and the had a "reserved" spot for me in their class. whatever, i'm not applying. but you'll definetly get in to any military school, even afa. good luck.</p>

<p>Tex, see my reply to your post on the USNA discussion thread.</p>

<p>tex21, you don't even have to worry. Last year, 4 seniors who were not ever involved with anything military got into the Air Force Academy (they were just in track. And their test scores were not spectacular, I think they got like 1300).</p>

<p>I think tex 21 should worry plenty. Read carefully through his resume. How can all the things be true. How do you letter in 4 varsity sports in one school year. There are only three seasons!!! (Not to mention that all 4 letters were earned as a freshman!!) Every thing else is based on one academic year, 9th grade, or earlier. Middle and elementary school accomplishments don't count!! Are the SAT and ACT real scores, or practice tests?? Taken when?? Honor code violations are taken seriously, and are justification for separation. I think Tex 21 needs to get his story straight or he needen't bother to apply.

<p>Also, did you get a 1480 SAT or a 1380? You said 1380 on the USNA board, but a 1480 here. </p>

<p>Additionally, there is NEVER a guarantee that you'll get in, no matter what your resume.</p>

<p><strong>sigh</strong> candidate mom, at our school we have baseball during the summer 1 week before track ends.. track starts here during march (spring break)... baseball starts early june. so yes, i am telling the truth. and cm, i took sats during fall last year and acts last spring... yes, as a freshman. shogun, we really dont do class rank here, but the page says estimate and TONS of kids get 4.0s but do not do sports or any community service. i would say overall im about a 23/376 or so... not so good as many other ppl i see here obviously. and yes they were varsity letters except baseball which was jv.. varsity fball, varsity track, varsity powerlifting and jv baseball.</p>

<p>truly sorry to anyone who gets a lil suspective to the 1480 or 1380 that was a typo of the 4, it was a 1380**</p>

<p>and thank you marines4me for not coming out and yelling like cm did not knowing what goes on exactly at my school. </p>

<p>for cm- i guess i can agree that middle school and elementary schools dont count (especially el. lol) but faa was during 8th grade and young marines was i think 6th or something then i stayed in until the end of 8th grade when my family moved. im thinking about rejoining if there is a group nearby. as for sats and acts, you already know as it says up here.</p>

<p>if you guys are gonna criticize me like cm, dont even both posting... i know what i did, as the academies will know also when the time comes</p>

<p>ahhh youth.......................:)</p>

<p>Tex 21:
See my post on the Naval academy forum.
You say baseball goes through the summer. Is your school in session all year? In our state all "spring" sports are over by June 1.
When you ask for input, you must be prepared for the response. If we can see potential glitches, then so will others.

<p>yes, i apologize cm... i should have explained a little better i guess. our school is like every other public school but for some reason our baseball season goes thru summer until about mid july. i dont know why, because most of us are planning to go somewhere but i guess thats the way our state does it.</p>