<p>I know this is probably going to seem really dumb that i'm even asking but i really love stanford university and i would LOVE to get in. </p>

<p>i got a 21 on the act and havent taken the sat yet
i go to a well known private school in GA and am a recognized volleyball player.
i have a 2.7 gpa but i am only a sophomore. </p>

<p>i expect to have about a 3.4 by the time i graduate. i do a great amount of service and participate in many extracurricular activities.. </p>

<p>what are my chances of getting in?

<p>other colleges i want to get into are Arizone State University, Georgia Souther, USC, and UofF. Please let me know my chances of getting into all of these.</p>

<p>I don't mean to sound harsh, but even if you're planning to get recruited for volleyball, you don't have a shot at Stanford at all. It is true that they don't consider your freshman year in their admissions process, but your rank will most likely be affected, and a 21 on the ACT is far too low. I think even USC would be classified as a reach for you. You should probably start looking at other colleges that accept students with similar stats.</p>

<p>Stanford and USC are super high reaches but not 100% impossible. but your chances are definitely not good. the stanford applicant pool is itself self-selective, and when/if you apply, you will definitely be among the less <em>academically</em> qualified. that doesnt mean you cant try to accomplish extraordinary things in your high school career that might impress them, but it will be difficult to present a strong application unless your academics improve greatly (like GREATLY). To really bring your GPA up, you should try to get high A's in all of your classes during junior year. this will show that you made an effort to improve. </p>

<p>is there a reason that your grades were not so good the first 2 years? e.g. family trouble, etc., or were you just not motivated? that can make a small difference as well.</p>

<p>Okay, I appreciate your opinions.. as long as you were not intentionally being rude about it. What about the other colleges? Georgia Southern University, Arizona State University, and UF?</p>

<p>Do yall know of any schools that are within my reach in California? I love the state and would love to stay out here.</p>

<p>and between freshman and sophomore year, I have moved a total of four schools. I doubt that contributes to their decision, although, it was a challenge for me.</p>