<p>Yea I know nobody looks at these anymore, but if a few people would reply I would really appreciate it. I am a junior and will be applying to schools this upcoming fall. I am planning on or considering applying to: Miami(FL), USC, Tulane, Villanova, Penn State, Indiana, Miami Ohio, Georgia, and Illinois. Obviously, I am hoping to go to a school with a good business program and good sports.
Academic Profile:
(I am from Fairfax County, where we have a more difficult grading scale, and thus my GPA is slightly lower than it would be if I were in another county. Because of this, students at my school get typically schools with lower GPA's than others do)
Freshman Year: 3.5 Weighted GPA, 2 Honors Classes
Sophomore Yr: 3.85 WGPA, 1 Honors Class, 1 AP(World History)
Junior Year: 3.7 WGPA, 3 AP Classes(US History, Environmental Science, Computer Science)
Senior Year: Plan on Taking 3 AP Classes(Statistics, Gov/Politics, European History)
National Honors Society Junior/Senior Year
Honor Roll
SAT: 1820-plan to retake and score anywhere from 1850-2100
ACT: taking in a month, plan to score anywhere from 27-33
Should have solid admission essays</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
Freshman: JV Baseball, JV Cross Country, Rec league Basketball, volunteer baseball camp counselor
Sophomore: JV Baseball(Capitan), Varsity Track, volunteer baseball camp counselor, Habitat for Hummanity Club, DECA(marketing club), Rec league basketball, worked at baseball training facility over the summer
Junior Year: Varsity Baseball, Head Coach of youth basketball team, FBLA(business club), co-organizer of Peddles for Progress local bike drive, Taking a microeconomics course at University of Richmond this summer(via their SummerScholars program)
Senior: plan to coach youth basketball again, possibly Varsity baseball capitan, will be baseball camp counselor again, will a member of the Habitat for Hummanity club, member of DECA, will probably have some miscellanous community services hours here and there too. </p>

<p>Would appreciate if someone could give me my chances at the schools I listed. Also, any suggestions such as Early Decision or another school to consider applying to would be awesome. Thanks!</p>

<p>It would be better if you posted this again after you have your SAT retake (hopefully higher scores) and the ACT. Having said that, you have a decent shot at the schools you list, with a couple like USC being reaches at this point. Of course sports at Tulane is not big like some of the others, except for baseball. But that seems to be your sport. Any chance you can play college ball at that level? Do you want to?</p>

<p>thanks! I don't plan on playing college ball at the D I level. I could play Divison II or III, but I would rather go to a bigger school and focus on academics. I do realize that USC, Villanova, and Miami are all reaches, but hopefully I can improve my scores and possibly get into one of them. What do you think would be an adequate score if I wanted to get into one of those three?</p>

<p>Here are the 25%-75% SAT score ranges for Miami (CR, M, W)
570-680, 600-700, 570-670</p>

<p>If you just take the midpoint of those (not really the same as average but they don't report an average) you get 1895. Doing the same for USC=2045, Tulane=2005, Villanova=1295 (they don't report the writing score, but it would probably put them about 1915 since they are about the same as Miami. Just a guess though). The state schools I won't bother with because your stats are good enough, it is just a matter of being OOS and how they are treating OOS applicants in any given year. So remember, 50% of students have scores below that average (again, assuming that is the average, although it should be close). Then it gets to your GPA and EC's and other factors, like recommendations and the interest you express in the school, and your essay of course. Your GPA is a bit weak potentially, you need to give us your unweighted one through junior year. Don't need to see it for each year, although it does look like you have shown an upward trend which is good.</p>

<p>To have a shot as USC, your biggest reach, you would need to get your SAT up a couple hundred points. For Miami, Tulane, and Villanova, another hundred points would help a lot. Obviously the more the better.</p>

<p>None of these things are absolutes, admissions is a funny game sometimes. But on average that is probably what you need to do, along with a very strong first semester senior year.</p>

<p>I agree, my SAT would probably have to be higher. I am fine with attending one of the state schools, but would rather attend one of the other 3. Hopefully my ACT score is good. Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>Knowing some of the people that got into UM, you should be able to make it. Although its tough to determine without class rank. And whats your 1600 SAT score? Writing still isn't that important</p>

<p>my 1600 score is a 1240, but I have only taken it once and plan to take again. My county unfortunately doesn't do class rank.</p>

<p>Keep in mind Miami(Fl) only looks at the critical reading and math SAT scores. If you get your SATs up you should get in but i dunno about USC and Nova. But screw them cause Miami is amazing!! Although I'm biased, I'll be there next year</p>

<p>Knowing your unweighted GPA would make this easier. The statistics from the Miami (FL) '09-'10 common data set show that your SATs are around the 35-40th%tile. I'll make a wild guess about your UWGPA: 3.4. Last year 74% of of the entering class had a GPA of 3.75 or higher and another 13% had GPAs in the 3.50-3.74 range. That means your 3.4 puts you in the bottom 13%. I'm sure that MIami will know about the rigor of your high school, but at best it's going to put you in the bottom 25% of applicants. So...</p>

<li>Get those SATs up at least 100 points.</li>
<li>Blitz senior year.</li>
<li>Hope that Miami concentrates on your sophomore and junior year performance.</li>
<li>Write an essay highlighting your improved performance for those last two years.</li>

<p>I think you have a fair shot at getting in, but the last few years has seen Miami getting more and more attention for its academics, so academic profiles have been rising. I think your chances are similar at Villanova. Tulane and USC especially are going to be reaches. I think you'll get into the others (though I don't know the admit rates for OOStaters at all those schools - Illinois might be a little tough in that regard).</p>


Those are weighted GPA's. If you look at the common data set for Miami, you will see they don't correct the GPA's for weighting, even though they are supposed to. So that part of your post id off, I am afraid. None the less I agree Miami has been improving in average academic stats rapidly.</p>