<p>Hey. I'm hoping to dual degree in business and political science and was wondering what my chances were at UPenn. My gpa is weak at about a 3.9 weighted, my first ACT was a 32 and I'm taking that again. SAT: M: 730 CR: 680 W: 670. By the time I graduate I will have taken 6 AP classes and 7 AP tests, the only score I have on those is a 5 in AP US history as a soph. </p>

<p>I've played football all through HS and have been part of 2 state championships, hopefully a third this year. I have done one musical and probably a second next year. I founded the Optimist club at my school and have been: Fresh Rep, Soph Rep, President x2, Ohio governor, ohio Lt. Gov. x3, and international board member. I also have been part of Key club and french club all my HS years and went to HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar) after my soph year. </p>

<p>I'm a white male (I know thats a sin in this process lol) and live in Ohio. Any insight on my chances is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>I would say you have a very good chance. Penn is not looking for robots, so your grades do not have to be perfect. Your average can be a little higher unweighted if you want an even greater chance, but you have time to work on it. You also have very strong and varied extracurriculars, which is definitely a plus. Definitely rub in the fact you play football. We might not be good at sports but we are big on sports. </p>

<p>Applying to a dual degree program is always a bit more difficult than say applying just to Wharton or the College. You can always transfer around, though. Dual degrees usually accept small classes so make sure your essays reflect your desire to be in that program. In general, make sure your essays are strong and make a good impression on the interview. My "resume" is similar to yours and I was able to get into Wharton. I had a 3.9 unweighted average and a higher grade in SAT Math, but you topped me in reading and definitely in AP U.S. History. I'd say it evens out. ;]</p>

<p>Thanks, if anyone else has any idea as to how I might fare please let me know. Also if anyone could tell me what the campus environment is like (very studious, laid back, lots of parties, people stay on/off campus during weekends, etc) I'd appreciate it.</p>