<p>I've been told UO is pretty easy and straightforward in regards to admissions, but just wanted to make sure I have a decent chance. I go to one of the most competitive public schools in the country, in sophmore and junior year took 11 honor and two AP courses (I plan on taking 7 honors, six APs next year) had an 85 average up through sophomore year and had a 92 average for junior year, averaging out to a little over an 87 average in total. I got a 1290 combined (Math and Critical Reading) on my first SAT, and recently took it again, feeling more confident about the test as a whole. I am OOS, so I assume standards will be higher for me, and I obviously intend on raising my average to the best I can senior year. If someone who got in or attends would be willing to let me know if I have a chance, I'd appreciate it.</p>

<p>Yeah, you’re good. You might want to consider applying to the honors college at UO. You would not be a shoe-in for it, but if it interests you, it would be worth a shot.</p>

<p>UO is a pretty wonderful place.</p>

<p>Thanks! OU is definitely one of the schools I’ve felt I’d likely apply to, and outside assurance of a decent chance can only help that. I’ve felt preference towards the Northwest for college (It’s not easy being a democrat in Texas), and I’ve always heard nice things about Eugene and OU in general.</p>

<p>The northwest is great. You would love it.</p>

<p>The nice thing for students from out of state is that you are in good company. Unlike California (my home state) where 98% of the students are from the state at our public universities, at Oregon you’ll find more than 30% of the students are from elsewhere. That means you won’t feel like an “outsider” coming from Texas. It’s a welcoming environment with a very open-minded student body. Apply early in your senior year and you could find out you are admitted by your winter break. That’s a great feeling.</p>

<p>Does Oregon have early action? Because while it’s definitely higher up on my list, and finding out about acceptance during winter break would be nice, I’d like to leave my options open: the majority of the schools I’m considering have regular decision letters sent out early April or late March.</p>

<p>It is an “early decision” school so if you apply early you’ll get word back early. You will not be required to commit until May 1st. Therefore, there’s really no down side of applying early. One warning though: if you get in you should go ahead and reserve housing even if you decide later not to go. On campus housing is limited and you don’t want to risk not having a dorm room. I think you lose $50 if you decide not to go, but that’s worth it.</p>

<p>“Early Decision” is what programs are called that have binding policies – that you commit to attend if accepted ED.</p>

<p>UO has “early notification” – not binding in anyway. Good advice about the dorm room reservation!</p>

<p>Right, whatever the non-binding one is. I get the terms confused. Thx rentof2!</p>