<p>ACT - 34
UW GPA - 3.9 (one C on transcript, otherwise all A's)
W GPA - 4.7
SAT - 2240
Rank - top 2%
Out of state (but it's Wisconsin, so it's in-state tuition)
Extracurriculars - A lot of theatre, Key Club president (so a lot of volunteering), church, varsity tennis
Currently at least a Semifinalist for National Merit Scholarship
Race - white
Gender - female (not sure if this matters)
Major - Communications</p>

<p>Just wondering what my chances would be -- thanks a lot!</p>

<p>If you just look up the average ACT scores and GPAs of students getting accepted to the U of M, I'm sure you would be very confident that you will get in. The 75th percentile of students enrolled have an ACT of 29, so you'll be fine. You would actually qualify for much more selective schools.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I'm debating between a big state school (either Minnesota or Wisconsin-Madison) that's good academically or a really selective school like Penn or Northwestern. I like the environment at UMN and UW a lot more, but the reputation and prestige of Penn and Northwestern are admirable. Any opinions about which is better?</p>

<p>I would suggest to go where you feel most comfortable as you'll be there for at least the next four years and you might as well enjoy them. But like others have said, you should have no problem getting into the U of M.</p>

<p>I agree with Matt430. I would use the following factors to make a decision: Where do you feel most comfortable, which school is best for your major, and which is the best option financially. </p>

<p>With that said, I go to the U of M and I love it. So go here! ;) And of course, I'd be shocked if you don't get in.</p>

<p>Thanks Nomad, I'm touring U of M later this month and can't wait to see it! Anything in particular I should see?</p>

<p>Make sure you feel comfortable. i was like you and got into a few more prestigious schools, but they're MUCH more expensive and i want to go to graduate school, so i chose the school i was comfortable with and decided to go for the prestigious schools for graduate work. just my opinion :)</p>