<p>I am just finishing up my junior year and starting to look at colleges to apply too. Do i have a chance at all at getting accepted to Boston College?</p>

<p>White Male

<p>1 sibiling currently in college</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA around 3.6</p>

<p>5 AP classes ( world, Gov, Bio, Lit and lang)
1 honors class</p>

<p>Just took the acts so scores are not here yet, but i predict between a 27-31</p>

<p>2 years honor society- next year officer
3 years leadership
over 100 hours community service
3 years tennis-2 years varsity</p>

<p>Senior Year classes:
AP World history
AP lit
AP Biology
French 3

<p>Last semester of my junior year i got a 3.75</p>

<p>I also want to start a key club at my school and a french club</p>

<p>What do i need to do to improve my chances of getting accepted to these schools?</p>

<p>The other schools i want to apply to are
Boston University
Penn state
University of Washington
Boise state
American university</p>

<p>can anyone chance me for those schools? what do i need to improve my chances?</p>

<p>Okay, so for some reason your post made me compelled enough to create and account and respond. Let me first say that I have learned first hand that no one is a shoe-in for any college. I had a 3.8 in high school, over 5 AP courses, was a member of the band, taught Sunday School classes, was active in many clubs and sports and had a 32 on my ACTs. With that being said, I was wait-listed to BC as a senior. I was also outright denied at many other schools, including Tufts, Amherst, Pomona, Middlebury among a few others. I ended up going to a smaller liberal arts college for a year, and then applied again to BC. This time around though, I was accepted, even with a lower GPA and less involvement around campus. Hopefully that is proof that frequently college is a crapshoot. Now to answer your question, you have great involvement, good grades and appear to be a person who isn't catering their high school life for college applications, so keep it that way. Colleges don't want people who try to make themselves what they think a college wants...they want people who are active and passionate about personal matters and show that. If anything, possibly try to bring up your ACT scores and your GPA. As for your schools that you want to apply to, NYU will most likely be a bit of a stretch, BU is easier to get into than BC, and you have a chance at BC. Penn State is almost a given, U of Wash will most likely be a bit tougher of chances than Penn State...but that is depending upon what you want to major in. USC will be easier, more comparable to you have a fairly good chance. Boise state I cannot provide a chance on that, as I do not know the school very well, but you stand an average chance an American Univ., though it is quite expensive and they are not known to be the most giving in terms of financial aid. Take all that with a grain of salt though, because if you were to compare my stats to the schools that I applied to my senior year, it was thought that I would have gotten into nearly all of them. Remember that schools try to fulfill quotas, and so maybe you will have a better chance at a school if they have a higher percentage of female students currently, or less of chance at a school that just admitted an unusually large percentage of male students. There are many factors to this beyond your stats, many factors of which that are out of your control. My best advice is to be prepared that you might not get into your dream school, have a few backups, such as smaller liberal arts schools. They can help provide a stepping stone to the school of your dreams if you don't get in this time around...and if you don't it really isn't the end of the world, as I have learned. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>I agree with ohgee that college admissions can often feel like a crapshoot, but I disagree with some of his/her comparative assessments of your schools. Statistics certainly aren't everything but they do provide a framework to start from, here are the admit rates and ACT 25-75th%-tiles for your schools:</p>

<p>USC 24%; 29-32 <a href=""&gt;;/a>
BC 30%; 29-32
NYU 38%; 27-31</p>

<p>American 53%; 26-30
BU 54%; 25-30
PSU 51%; 24-29</p>

<p>UW 61%; 24-29
Boise 87%; 19-25</p>

<p>My best guess is that you're in at Boise and UW and probably in at two out of three from American, PSU & BU. The rest are increasingly reach schools. Over the last few years BC, USC and NYU have become increasingly selective; your GPA is probably at or below the mid-point at those three and your ACT prediction is hovering at or below the 25th%-tile - it's difficult to be optimistic about your chances at those three. If you really want BC you're going to need to do a sensational job on your essays as well as having some stellar recommendations, but in all honesty it's still going to be a long shot, (not impossible, but unlikely). If you flesh out your profile a bit you might be able to entice scottj to do one of his detailed, if occasionally painful, assessments of your chances.</p>

<p>P.S. NYU is notorious for being expensive and stingy with fin-aid.</p>

<p>I do agree that BC is becoming more and more selective, but if you look through the board from this past years class, many students with lower ACT scores than ForTheWin were admitted, so I based the judgement out of more than his ACT scores. I did my best to combine his all around stats...and my judgement for USC was for Univ of South Carolina...not Southern California, which may be why we disagreed with admittance because they are vastly different schools though they both go by USC. Sorry there =]</p>

<p>50/50 chance</p>

<p>I strongly recommend taking the SAT test also. You just might do better on it, which will increase your chances at getting into BC. My daughter is entering her junior year there and absolutely LOVES it! Good luck to you!!</p>

<p>Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that the OP has no chance of admission, but in the increasingly competitive environment at BC, a 3.6/29 is going to put him at a disadvantage. The final class is a combination of a wide ranging set of profiles, but it's reasonable to assume that a 3.85/34 is going to have a higher probability of acceptance than applicants with lower stats. As academic statistics drop other factors have to come into play to compensate. Ultimately the OP and every applicant with similar stats has to use his/her application to answer a difficult but straightforward question: Given that my academic profile is below the averages, what is there about me that will make it impossible for BC to reject me? Answer that and you have good shot of getting in anywhere.</p>

<p>As for the Southern Cal vs. South Carolina confusion, the OP will have to clear that one up, but I'll admit to my northeast elitist biases - to me South Carolina is a member of the IIYCC group of schools (In-If-Your-Check-Clears). Unfair? Maybe. Inaccurate? Probably, but...</p>

<p>Not to be offensive, but there are many students with 4.0s and near perfect ACT and SAT scores that denied from ivy leagues and other excellent schools because they are not what the school is looking for. With that said, I think it is great that OP wants to start some new clubs in their school, though as I had originally posted, I do believe that it would be beneficial to try and boost their test scores/GPA. jshain is right to recommend taking the SATs as well, as statistically males tend to do better on the SATs...but that is not a judgement, it would just be beneficial to see if OP would do better on the SATs. If OP was to score a 31 on his ACTs, which is a very good score, he would stand a fairly good chance, as he would fall into the median applicants at nearly all of his intended schools. Of course it must also be said that those are the median a quarter of students with lower scores are accepted as well. It takes more than good scores and a good GPA to get into a school. Back to the Southern Cal vs. South Carolina discussion, the median ACT scores are 24-29, which are not horrible scores. Surely they don't compare to Southern Cal, but it is comparable to PSU and Washington. Southern schools tend to be viewed as lesser than New England schools, but South Carolina is still a wonderful school and appears to fall into the range of OP's stats.</p>

<p>USC loves high test scores, so you'll want to aim for a 2100/32.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for taking the time to chance me. I know that some of these schools are reaches for my stats, and i agreed with most of what was said, i just wanted some different perspective on it. Thank you ohgeeitsbee for taking the time to create an account to chance me, you gave a lot of information ( so did all the other posters too :) I will take the SAT also, i just wasn't available to take them this last time, so i need to wait for the next time to come around. I know that my GPA is not as high as the averages for schools, but i am hoping that my involvement around school with different clubs and such will help a little</p>

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