<p>Hey everyone...i've never done a chance thread so sorry if this is kind of confusing! </p>

<p>ACT: 27
GPA: 3.73</p>

<p>AP and Honors Classes</p>

<p>Student Council President
National Forensic League Vice President
Varsity Soccer 10, 11, 12
Varsity Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12
Special Olympics Volunteer... etc. many many hours</p>

<p>OOS male, from South Dakota (probably not many students from SD)</p>

<p>anything else i should add?</p>

<p>Thanks for the second opinion....</p>


<p>Hate to be negative, but not so hot.</p>

<p>no SAT?</p>

<p>27 ACT isnt flattering</p>

<p>Is that gpa your weighted? If it is then you don't have good chances. A kid from my school this year with a weighted gpa of 3.9 and a 1290 SAT. You pretty much need at least a 4.0 weighted to get in, or a 3.9 with a very high SAT/ACT. Good luck.</p>

<p>Try to boost your ACT score to a 29 or above. </p>

<p>It's all a matter of your extracurriculars, essay, and standardized test scores showing strongly in case of a GPA that's a little below UF standards. Not that this means anything for a future applicant, but I had a friend apply to UF for the 2010 fall semester with a 3.6 GPA (unweighted), all AP/Honors, a satisfactory ACT score (29), and lots of extracurriculars... she made it in and wasn't deferred to summer. I know 2 people who don't even compare to her stats and they made it in... UF just has an odd selection process.</p>

UF just has an odd selection process.

which is called Holistic Review. Admission officers have a responsibility to consider all factors when evaluating applications and to admit those applicants who are academically qualified and who have demonstrated a potential to contribute to and to be successful students at the UF.</p>

<p>Hey, I have the same question,
Hi, I'm an up and coming senior and I'm starting to decide which colleges.</p>

<p>3.6 college weighted GPA
Mostly Honors and AP classes 6 AP Classes
FL Resident
300+ hours of community service
Community Problem Solving
(I am an international champion in that field. Receiving the Beyond er Award this year)
Model UN
Future Business Leaders of America
SAT 1160/1600
Haven't taken ACT Yet.</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>If not, what can I do to get accepted?</p>

<p>UF focuses predominantly on GPA and test scores. The OP and cullen have both posted subpar scores and GPA's. So I would have to assume that their chances aren't favorable. </p>

<p>That said, I would apply anyway. You may get in with a compelling essay. If not, it's not the end of the world. I got in as a transfer student after going to community college, and I saved myself 20k in the mean time.</p>