Chances ?

<p>hey im a freshman in a really competitive high school and i kinda screwed up my freshman year (3.57 gpa) but im feeling confident that i can raise my grades up to solid dream school is stanford and i was just wondering if i keep up my grades in the next three years as solid As, get a 2300 in my sat (i got a 200 in my psat), dominate in my schools debate team/write for my school newspaper, and continue rowing for my school if i still have a shot at stanford</p>

<p>oh and i took the bio sat subject and got a 710 but i think im going to retake it after i take ap bio later on in highschool</p>

<p>You should be fine. You're a sophomore next year, and you've already got a solid 710 on your SAT II for Biology! My uncle is the Fire Marshall at Stanford, and he's really closely affiliated with a lot of the school officials, and he says its not AS hard as people gague it to be; they accept a lot of students that some people would label as 'average' and you're certainly above that.</p>

<p>More interestingly though, you debate? In what event, if I might ask?</p>

<p>Wow 710 in SAT bio as a freshman? That's awesome! You'll be fine just keep your grades up. Colleges love to see a trend of improvement, and they don't focus much on your freshman year at all. Make sure you do ec's because you have a passion for them, not just to get into your dream school. Keep your grades at a level, and get a good SAT score, and you should be on track.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and advice. And our debate team isn't as legitimate as other public schools'. It's more of a past time kind of activity where we pick current topics and just discuss our opinions just like in an actual debate. I wish we actually competed with other schools, but I dont think we will anytime soon :P haha</p>

<p>my interests are primarily writing so im looking to pursue something in the legal field; however, my parents are really pushing towards the medicine field (hence the bio sat). thats why i ve taken up debate as well as writing for the paper.</p>