Chances :]

<p>I was wondering for those who know more than me to please tell me how much of a chance you think I have of getting in.</p>

<p>Out of state
Honors Student
3.85 (4) Unweighted GPA/ 4.2 Weighted out of 4.6
26 ACT
1800 SAT
Editor-In-Chief of the Yearbook
President of Interact (Community Service Club)
National Honor Society Member
I also volunteer in the nursery at my church, watching the little ones during Sunday morning service.</p>

<p>Any comments or opinions are appreciated :]]</p>

<p>You have a pretty good GPA, but in all honesty, your sat/act need a lot of work. You have two good leadership positions, but your extracurriculars seem a bit weak overall. Right now it would be a tall order - maybe that can be changed on the other hand.</p>

<p>I'm not trying to be mean (and I do have pessimistic tendencies), but I am 99.9% sure you will not get in with those statistics unless there is something extraordinary about you that may show up in your essays. I'd recommend taking a glance at the ED and RD statistics on CC and compare yourself to students who have been accepted. I got in ED and I personally feel the pool is less boiling than RD. So my advice is apply ED if possible so you don't regret it.</p>

<p>^^Regrettably, I would have to agree that you are a real long shot. Unfortunately, I could not recommend using your "ED" on NU, since I think you would likely be wasting your ED shot.
Should you get your SAT closer to (or above) 1400/1600 (forget about the writing), or the ACT above a 31, you should revisit this advice, but very few people make that kind of an improvement.
Sorry; I wish I could offer a more optimistic response.</p>

You know your GPA and your ACT/SAT scores don't match expectations. However, college applications are to include safeties, matches and reaches. Northwestern for you would, imo, fall into the latter category. Why do you feel Northwestern is a fit for you? You don't need to answer me, however, you do need to make sure it is a strong case for acceptance in your application. G'Luck</p>