<p>In-state soon enough...</p>


<p>SAT I: 2200
700 M 750 W 750 CR</p>

<p>SAT II: Bio - 640 (Re-take?)
USH - 730
Lit - 740
Math II - 710</p>

<p>GPA: 3.92 (Upward Trend: F 3.22, S 4.14, J 4.58, S 5.0 (Projected))
UW GPA: 3.69
ACT - N/A</p>

<p>AP Classes (11)
AP Euro - 5, AP Stat (3), AP Lang (4), APUSH (4), AP Bio (4)
Enrolled for AP Lit, AP Comp Sci A, AP Calc AB, AP Gov, AP Physics B, AP Econ (Micro)</p>

President of Muslim Student Assoc
President of Asian Student Assoc
Preisndet of Science Club
Secretary of Math League
Secretary-General of Model United Nations</p>

<li>Volunteered 250 Hours at Hospital</li>

<p>How much Financial aid can I get merit-based?</p>

<p>What was your class rank? That's really important to UT.</p>

<p>And honestly you won't get almost any merit based aid, nobody I know did. I had stats slightly better than yours (2290 SAT, 11 AP tests with 5's, 800 on 3 SAT 2's). UT isn't big about merit aid. Once you get in, you can get scholarships from your individual colleges (Business, Communication, Engineering, etc) for college performance.</p>

<p>Class rank is 21/565 so top 5%. </p>

<p>Is there a lot of merit based from individual colleges?</p>

<p>If you're in state and top 10%, you're in to UT. What major are you looking at? Some colleges are harder to get into and are not automatic.</p>

<p>And there really isn't much merit aid for incoming freshmen, since you haven't proven yourself in a college setting yet.</p>

<p>I know that Cockrell takes pretty good care of its students. What major are you looking to apply for?</p>

<p>and Why Two Kay I think this next class actually falls under the Top 8% rule</p>

<p>It sounds like you're in great shape :)</p>

<p>I want to major in Neuroscience.</p>

<p>It seems as if UT has a up and coming Neuroscience major and I'd love to be a part of that.</p>

<p>Overall, I'll be a pre-med, though that's not a real major, that will be my driving concern.</p>

<p>Don't know about the fin aid stuff but you should be good to go otherwise.</p>

<p>Not sure if you're talking about the Institute for Neuroscience, but that's graduate training only. I think the only options available for undergrads are a BS in Biology with an emphasis in neurobiology, which isn't exactly the same thing, or you can go for the BS in Psychology and try to get involved with the behavioral neuroscience lab. But last I checked it wasn't an available separate major or emphasis (which would rock because it's what I'm interested in as well) - unless of course they've added it so recently it's not listed online anywhere yet.</p>

<p>I have a friend that always said his major was Neurobiology, so I'm guessing it's available in some way.</p>

<p>Neurobio isn't the same as neuroscience, but like I said, you can major in Bio with an emphasis in neurobio that you actually declare. There just isn't a specific option for neuroscience at the undergrad level.</p>

<p>Bachelor of Science in Biology</p>

<pre><code>* Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
* Human Biology
* Marine & Freshwater Biology
* Microbiology
* Cell & Molecular Biology
* Neurobiology
* Plant Biology
* Teaching
* Biology Honors
* Computational Biology

<p>Your stats look like top 20 school level stats. The only school that I know that offers Neuroscience as a major is Baylor. UT offers Biology, with an track/emphasis in Neurobiology as sundoll stated. Your stats are great for all colleges/majors at UT, though.</p>

<p>Great stats, apply to Stanford too.</p>

Your stats are great for all colleges/majors at UT, though.


I'm not sure about "all", but definitely close to all. I don't think Top 5% is super competitive.</p>

Great stats, apply to Stanford too.


Your stats are good, but you'll also need a great hook to get into Stanford. It'll take some aced essays too. If you want to, definitely apply, but you can never be too confident when applying to Stanford.</p>



<p>How many top 5% kids will actually have a 2200 SAT and decent EC's? Probably not many. I can definitely see him/her getting into Engineering or Business.</p>

<p>And it's always a crapshoot at Ivy League and top 20 schools. You never know.</p>