<p>SAT I (by section): Should I take it?
SAT IIs: I'm thinking about taking Math II and Biology
ACT: 34 (E: 32, M: 33, R: 36, S: 34, Essay: 9)
APs: Biology, US Gov't, US History,
GPA: 3.63 unweighted, 3.69 weighted

<p>ECs: Tennis (Varsity), National Honor Society, Model United Nations (Public relations Lead), History Club (Secretary), Ping Pong Club (President), Student Council, Debate Team (Varsity), Science Olympiad, WSDP Student Run radio (Sports Director)</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience: ~10 hours a week at Papa Johns
Senior year classes:
AP Calculus AB
AP Psychology
AP English
Honors Physics
Honors Humanities I
Honors Philosophy
Honors International Relations
Volunteering: A lot through NHS, 30+ at a fitness center, 100+ hours at U of Michigan Health Center</p>

<p>State: Michigan
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Multiracial (White/Indian(Asian))
Gender: Male</p>

<p>(The reason for my low grades is the fact that I got in a huge car accident the summer before junior year and was preoccupied and missed school due to surgeries and hospital stays. I hope to make this evident in my essays)</p>

<p>chances of getting in to unlv?</p>

<p>i say that you're a shoo-in.</p>

<p>Back when I graduated high school and applied to UNLV for spring of 2010, my high school records were 3.5 weighted, 1830 SAT, little sports, 2 club presidents, little more clubs but no AP classes or honors.
I got into the hospitality management field because there are hotels around the block and heard it was a good school for hospitality management.
I turned down the offer but regretted it so I applied again back in June 15th.
I should be getting some response by this week.</p>

<p>But again, I believe that your likelihood of getting into UNLV is almost guaranteed.
so don't stress :)</p>

<p>I mean this is a super fall back. But Vegas sounds like a fun place to be.</p>