<p>I'm a currently a rising junior, but I just want to know how I'm doing so far.</p>

<p>GPA: roughly a 92 (My school doesn't weigh grades)
SAT: 200 PSAT, hoping for at least a 2200 on the real thing.
AP's (prospective): Junior year: USH, Psychology, Calc AB, Physics B. Senior year: Econ/US Gov, Calc BC, Stat, Physics C, Bio/Chem, French.
SAT II's: 800 Chem, 800 Math II, 730 Bio-M (Hoping to get a high score on physics or french.)</p>

One year JV swim team, 3 years varsity. Possibility of being captain senior year.
Oboe playing: Selected for all-county every year since 8th grade, prospective all-state senior year and soloist junior year (my orchestra holds a competition, the winner of which is featured as a soloist at Alice Tully Hall)
National French Exam: 9th in the nation sophomore year, hoping to continue this through the next few years.
Hospital Volunteering: Should have 150-200 hours before senior year.
Hopefully various tutoring jobs, including math, science, and music.</p>

<p>Going for pre-med/8-year MD program for (in no particular order)</p>

WashU (Maybe 8-year)
Case Western Reserve (8-year BA/MD)
SUNY Stony Brook (8-year)
SUNY Binghampton
Johns Hopkins

<p>I'm not that familiar with college names, so if anyone could shout out some other colleges in that range, that would be great.</p>

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also does anybody know of any good public schools for pre-med?</p>

<p>I have been to the Binghamton Campus, they call it a “public ivy” but its really nothing special, at all. You can look into, but there are much better schools out there, especially for a med student. </p>

<p>John Hopkins is very well known for their med program and is very prestegious (I don’t know how you could possibly compare it to SUNY- not that they are bad schools). </p>

<p>Brown is an Ivy and obviously very well respected. Also, it offers a music major, while I believe john Hopkins does not. </p>

<p>I hope that helps.</p>