<p>GPA: 89
SAT: 890 (out of 1600)
National Honor Society
National Honor Society for LOTE
2 Sport Athlete
8 Electives
4 Math
4 Science
4 SS
4 English
Job experiance

<p>your SAT score is extreeemely low, what are your grades in your classes? thats also a big factor. rutgers wants a student thats good overall. im not sure what an 89 gpa means because i only know it on the 4.0 scale...whats ur gpa out of?</p>

<p>My GPA is a 3.7 on a 4.0 scale</p>

<p>And ACT is a 17</p>

<p>I think you should try to bring your SAT or ACT scores up. Other than that, you should be fine :)</p>

<p>Average SAT score is 1200. You need to get that up to at least 1050-1100. Just keep practicing, they send the highest scores (or at least that was the case 4 years ago).</p>

<p>Your GPA is good if you have some higher-level classes; your SAT/ACT are extremely low; retake them after a class or prep book..</p>

<p>uhh. so, an 89 is a 3.56 on a 4.0 scale. because mine is a 3.7 and i have a 94 avg. I mean, i took the 89 and made a proportion (89 x 4 = 356 --> 356/100 = 3.56)</p>