<p>SAT combined score: 1670 (600 CR, 490 M, 590? W) will retake, obviously.
GPA: 4.0 W, 3.5 UW
I'm going to take the ACT in the fall.</p>

<p>AP Classes: will graduate with eight
AP Comp, APUSH, AP Env. Science, AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Psych, & AP World.</p>

<p>EC: 9-12 Marching Band
9-12 Wind Ensemble
Colorguard Captain (senior year)
10-12 Winterguard
Various Solo Awards for music 9-12
Various Ensemble Awards for both Marching Band and Wind Ensemble 9-12
Guard coach at the feeder Intermediate School (senior year)
Private colorguard coach ($ job)
Volunteer at local animal shelter: 100+ hours
Volunteer at local hospital guild boutique: 100+ hours
Finalist in poetry contest for</p>

<p>There's probably more I can't think of off the top of my head. But yeah, my test scores aren't great at all. That's the one thing that stresses me out...</p>

<p>Any input is appreciated :)</p>

<p>I say it's a good chance. Your GPA and scores are below average. Though UW likes to brag about how they look at well rounded students their GPA and scores secretly matter the most by a nice margin lol. You'll only able to use half your ECs. That's a real killer because you would be a shoo-in.</p>

<p>Raise your SAT by 200 points. If you do that, you're in.</p>

<p>The gpa is fine, especially since you're taking so many AP classes, it just isn't a big point in your favor. If you can raise your test score some that'd be good, but I think you could get in with your resume as is so long as you write good application essays.</p>

<p>I think you're fine! :D Your SAT score kinda does need a little raising up in order to get in though ;) 1700+ is good :D If you took any IB classes, that would be great too, but AP is enough :D Good luck!</p>