<p>I am a senior looking to see what my chances are at Loyola, not only getting in, but possibly getting money.</p>

I am currently attending a public school. I have been in all honors for all 4 years and I took AP statistics last year and scored a 5 on the AP exam. I am taking AP calc and AP psych next year. I have a 94 average as of right now, however, my junior year average was a 96.5. I had a clear turn around my junior year.. Does this help me in any way?</p>

<p>On my SAT's i scored a 700 in Math, 600 in Writing, and a 610 in Critical Reading. I will be taking them again hopefully improving in writing and critical reading.</p>

<p>I am involved in many activities including clubs such as Key Club (community service) DECA (business competition) and Math Team. I have ran cross country all four years and I've played lacrosse 4 years, 3 years on varsity. I also have played the piano for 12 years and have performed in many auditions and recitals and have received many awards for my achievement.</p>

<p>I am 100% interested in business, although not completely sure the specifics. Probably Finance since Math seems to be my forte. I have done very well in DECA, including making it to states and placing 4th. Hopefully this will help my chances.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, my parents do look like they make a lot of money on paper, so the FAFSA doesn't help us as much as we'd like. My two younger siblings attend private schools and my sister will be goign to college this year, so money is a problem. What are my chances of receiving scholarships or grants at Loyola Maryland.</p>

<p>I really like Loyola and it might be my top choice. Let me know what you think!</p>

<p>I would say that your probably in with scholarships. Just to be safe I would say apply early action. When i applied it was November 1st for the early action dead line. Here's the online link with more information with what their looking for and the application process Loyola</a> University Maryland - Undergraduate Studies - First Year Process </p>

<p>Loyola stood by what they said when I got my financial aid award. If your a minority then you they'll probably give you a claver grant. If I commuted I wouldn't need to pay anything, but I decided to live there my first year so I have to pay something. Here's my financial aid package for the year just as an example to show how good loyola is.</p>

<p>COA: $48,110 (living on campus).</p>

<p>Joseph A. Sellinger S.J. Scholars $6,250
Federal pell Grant $5,000
Federal ACG Grant (1year) $750
Federal Supplemental Grant $1,250
Claver Grant $22900
Federal Work study $2800
Federal Direct loan-subsidized $3,500
Federal Direct loan-Unsubsidized $2,000
MD educational assistance grant: 3,000
Federal Direct Plus load eligibility: 5,320 </p>

<p>~Anyway I would say Loyola is a top choice, especially if your looking to major in business. Good luck on your college applications. I'm pretty sure that you'll get into loyola and know you'll receive financial help if your EFC is low.</p>

<p>Colleges which have their own fin aid apps (alongside the FAFSA) consider private school tuitions such as you mention. We learned this with our older daughter, who went to Brown. We had her sister in a private Catholic h.s. & her younger sister in a nursery school, which was not expensive but which did have tiuitioon-and then she went to a Cath grammar school. Brown took those tuitions into consideration when calculating the fin aid for the oldest child.</p>