<p>I'm an incoming senior (in state, like pretty much everyone) planning on majoring in music ed. I know I obviously have to audition to get into the program, but do I have a chance at getting in academically? Will applying early decision help?</p>

<p>Top 25% of class (I go to a very competitive public high school)
3.6 GPA (weighted)
By the time I graduate, I will have taken 6 honors classes and 5 APs. I took 3 APs junior year (US History, Lang and Comp, and Psychology) and got two 5's and a 4 on the tests. I'm also taking AP Gov and AP Lit and Comp this year.<br>
Good ECs and essay, hopefully good recommendation letters
1930 SAT - (650 CR/620 M/660 W)</p>

<p>I know this school is definitely a reach for me, but could it be possible for me to be accepted?</p>

<p>I think you'll get in without having to apply early decision, at least statswise you seem fine.</p>

<p>GPA and SAT is a tad low, but I don't think music ed is too competitive so I think you have a decent shot, I'd say a very slight reach. ED would help, but make sure you really want to go to TCNJ before you do this.</p>