<p>Northwestern is exactly what I'm looking for in a school. I'm planning on applying ED (unless that's a complete waste of time?) and I've interviewed an alum in my area, who seemed really enthusiastic about my scores and ECs, which was encouraging. I go to a tiny, very rigorous high school in the DC area, which is why I don't have a class rank or too many AP classes (although I'm taking more next year, and expect to do very well first semester). I'd really appreciate it if someone takes a look at this and lets me know what my odds are:</p>

<p>Cumulative GPA: 87.94% (Junior year: 90.83%) +Big upward trend each year
(School does not rank students, GPA is out of 100%)
SAT I: CR 700 M 710 W 710 (one sitting, will take again in the fall)
SAT II: Biology 720, Lit 790
AP Exams: EngLang 5, EngLit 5, Environmental Science 4
Junior Year: AP Environmental Science
Senior Year: AP Statistics, AP Spanish, AP Economics (both Microeconomics and macroeconomics)</p>

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth award
English Speaking Union Shakespeare D.C. area finalist- top ten
Maryland area theater scholarship nominee
Five-time winner of Inter-School Horse Show champion medal
Inter-School Horse Show Sportsmanship Award nominee</p>

<p>Work Experience/Community service:
Smithsonian American Art Museum volunteer (~150 hours)
Two week immersion trip to Costa Rica (community service trip)
Summer camp counselor (~200 hours)</p>

Band President (member for 6 years)
Captain of Equestrian Team (Captain for 2 years, member for 6)
Captain of Foil Fencing Squad on the Varsity Holton/Landon Fencing Team
Church Deacon</p>

<p>Band- flute and piccolo (three years) First chair flautist (two years)
Chamber Orchestra- flute and piccolo (two years)
President of school's Chapter of Thespians Society (2010)
Member of Drama Club (three years) and inducted into Thespians Society- three stars
Involved in all my school's theatrical productions in the past tree years (tech work, pit orchestra, acting, set design, etc.)</p>

<p>This is my first post here, so I'm a little nervous about this. Thank you so much for your time! If there's anything I forgot, please let me know...</p>

<p>I think your ECs are fine; they show both a breadth of interests and a depth of commitment to a couple of things in particular.
Your "numbers" are iffy. While I have no doubt that both your cumulative GPA and your junior year GPA reflect real work and academic achievement, those numbers just are not impressive within the pool of NU applicants. You also haven't said that much about your curriculum. The fact that you took EnviroSci, which is considered a "softer" science, makes me ask whether you have taken both CHem and Physics. Similarly, AP Stat is a softer AP. Have you taken Calc? (AP Calc - AB or BC - would be even better.)
FInally, your SAT scores are solid, but not overwhelming. However, that Eng Lit Subject Test score is great, and NU is among the few schools that might look at it as giving your SAT CR score a "lift."
All in all, you are a competitive candidate, but hardly a knockout. DOes your school have Naviance, so that you can see how comparable students from your school have fared at NU in the past few years? If you're dying to go to NU, and the Naviance stats are reasonably promising (especially for ED), I would apply ED and give myself the best shot.</p>

<p>Yeah you have slightly above standard ecs I'd say but par/slightly sub par sats and definitely subpar gpa. If you apply Ed, know that the applicant pool is more intense while the admit rate is higher. To increase your chances you need to beef up the test scores and do some homework about why nu.</p>

<p>Thank you both so much for your replies. I forgot to mention- I've taken both elevated level ("honors") Biology and Chemistry classes, and am taking a Genetics class in the fall. I haven't had physics or calc, and I'm really not a math person... I'm kind of hoping my essay-writing will make up for my iffy math history.</p>

<p>My GPA here is unweighted (and since I've been in quite a few high-level courses, I think the weighted bump will help quite a bit), and I'm planning to take the SAT again, so I'm hoping that will help with my numbers.</p>

<p>Anyway, thanks again. I'll do some more research and look into Naviance for my school's record at NU.</p>

I think the weighted bump will help quite a bit


<p>they look at UW.</p>

<p>How many people from your school get into top tier schools each year?</p>

<p>The lack of course rigor is clearly evident in your schedule. Although your school did not offer them, you could have self-studied them.</p>

<p>That breakdown of the SAT actually seems fine even though the combined score seems a bit low. </p>

Yeah you have slightly above standard ecs I'd say but par/slightly sub par sats and definitely subpar gpa.



<p>Everything is fantastic except GPA. I'd honestly be shocked if you didn't get in. </p>

Yeah you have slightly above standard ecs I'd say but par/slightly sub par sats and definitely subpar gpa.


<p>This is a little harsh, imo. I'd say above standard EC's (not just "slightly"), above average SAT's, and subpar GPA.</p>