<p>Top 25% of class (I go to a very competitive public high school)
3.6 GPA (weighted)
By the time I graduate, I will have taken 5 APs and 6 honors classes.
AP Lang and Comp: 5
AP US History: 5
AP Psychology: 4
Senior year I'm taking AP Lit and Comp and AP Gov and Politics. </p>

<p>1270/1930 SAT - (650 CR/620 M/660 W)</p>

- Copy editor of my school newspaper
- Secretary of Future Educators of America
- I volunteer as an alter server at my church
- Honors Choir for two years
- Regions Choir for two years
- NJ All States Choir senior year
- Member of three choirs in my local conservatory, two are auditioned
- I also study piano and voice privately
- For the past three years, was an CIT at my sleepaway camp
- I volunteered in Mississippi with my church for two summers to help many people recover from Hurricane Katrina</p>

<p>Good essay(s) and recommendation letters</p>

<p>I'm planning on majoring in Music Education. (Yes, I know I have to audition, but can you chance me academically?)</p>

<p>Well....your stats are good, but yes, you do have to audition, so I can't say that "You're in!" or "Your chances are a bit low!" </p>

<p>Academically, your stats are good. You have to realize that when it comes to art schools -- whether it be performing or visual -- the admissions people base decisions on your portfolio and/or audition. Of course I'm sure you know that!</p>

<p>Anyway, good luck! =)</p>