Earth Science (A-) Bio(A) Chem (A-) Phys (B+) Next yr AP BIO
Math A (A+) Math A/B (A+) Math B honors(A-) Precalc Honors (B) next year Calc A/B
Global I (A-) Global II (A) APUSH (A-) (5 on the AP) Next year AP ECOGOV and AP COMP- POL
English 9 (B+) 10 (B+) 11(A-) next year english 12
French 1 (A) 2(A) 3h(A-) 4h(A-) AP LIT next year</p>

790 writing
730 math
730 english
780 US
720 Global</p>


<p>Film Club 1-4
Model UN 1, 3-4
Math Team 3-4
Politcal Awareness Society 2-4
French Club 3, 4 as president
Academic Challenge 2, 3 VP, 4 P
Big Brother Big Sister 3-4
Tennis JV 1 V 3
Mountain Club 3-4
Frisbee Club 3-4
French Honors society</p>

<p>Volunteer work
For an entire year freshman year, i tutored an underpriveleged 4th grader
for the last year and a half i have volunteered every sunday for an hour and a half at a soup kitchen
i run a charitable website for refugees
This summer i volunteered at the local hospital</p>

<p>I have a double legacy at Brandeis, and my parents were head of the county alumni assosication so im going to get in there. Do you think ill get into any schools that rate higher than Brandeis i.e. cornell, upenn columbia brown etc</p>

<p>I am a white male from lower NY, not NYC though by the way</p>

<p>Heres the list so far:

<p>I think with your exceptional scores, you should definitely not waste the ED. I think you have a very good chance at Dartmouth because my friend got in ED and he had much lower stats than you.</p>

<p>Your chances seem really good at all of those schools, but read the featured thread about that one boy who got rejected everywhere, and make sure you put some safeties in your list too.<br>

<p>well id be very happy at brandeis, and with the fact that im a guaranteed admit with what my parents did, i kinda think that i should only apply to places better than it. However, i dont share your optimism about the other schools. I feel as though my SAT are solidly above what their averages are, but with GPA lower than their standards on most occasions and merely average extra curriculars, i think i prob only have a 25-35% chance. So i figure ED somewhere will allow me a 50-55% chance.</p>


<p>got my teacher recs in, they should be very very good ones. applying ED to UPenn, i have a legacy there(i called up and thehy said they count grandparents graduate degrees as legacies). Will i get in? They take 15% regular , but 35% early.</p>


<p>your sat scores are very good but what's your class rank or percentile? you've got some decent EC's so you've got a shot everywhere as long as your rank is like in the top 10% (preferably 2-5%). i agree with Lily it never hurts to put some safeties in cuz you never wanna spend a year doing nothing or at the good ol' community college.</p>

<p>well i have a double legacy at brandeis, with my parents being head of the county alumni chapter. it is a shoo in, im telling you. And my school does not rank, they only tell you waht 20% your in. So i am top 20%, thats all i know.</p>

<p>"Your chances seem really good at all of those schools, but read the featured thread about that one boy who got rejected everywhere, and make sure you put some safeties in your list too."</p>

<p>i was j/w where is that thread?</p>

<p>yomoma: your sat scores are good and solid ec's, i think you have a good chance at all of those schools.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Her son a stellar student, great ECs and musical ability got rejected/ waitlisted everywhere. Currently on a gap year and will be starting the process all over again.</p>

<p>I normally do not do chances, but here it is...</p>

<p>With the exception of Brandeis , almost all of your other schools are reaches as they are reaches for pretty much every unhooked BWRK (which you are as you are not a recruited athlete, developmental admit, or URM). Even as a legacy, there are legacies and they are legacies, unless your grandfather was the type of legacy at Penn that your parents are at Brandeis, your legacy tip is not going to do much for you. It is really going to depend on where you are applying as Wharton / engineering is going to be more of a reach than CAS.</p>

<p>Columbia is a school where you have to show them the love. Being From NY if you have not visited, toured, spent the night, sat in on a class it is basically the kiss of death because they ask you straight up what connections have you made with the school. </p>

<p>Haverford and Amherst being smaller schools with in driving distance also tracks interest especially of those that are with in driving distance of the school.</p>

<p>Cornell: it depends, you would most likely be admitted into one of the 3 land grant colleges, however it is going to be a bigger reach for engineering, & CAS because you will bein a larger national pool and being from NY will not be a tip factor.</p>

<p>I disagree with drinkingmilkallday's assessment of your chances at Dartmouth as it is going to be a reach because while they like good grades and stats they take great care in crafting a class, so regarding ec's they stress quality not quantity while you have some good ones, no real passion for anything pops out.</p>

<p>At the end of the day you are just another students tossing your hat in the ring with a buch of equally or better qualified students. You have no true stand out ECs, and nothing really that sets you apart from the rest of the pool.</p>

<p>Lily is right that you should craft a list of reach, match and safety schools.</p>

<p>I disagree with most of these posts. The CR and math add up to 1460 which is below average at Dartmouth and Columbia and just OK for lower ranked ivies. The ECs don't show leadership and are very averag and below expectations for ivies. Not a ton of honors/APs. White male from NY. I just don't see an ivy.</p>


<p>Its just going to come down to your essays...</p>

<p>suze: i have 4 honors classes, and 6 aps. how is that a little?</p>

<p>ok my final list is:
Penn ED
Dartmouth(have a letter from a guy who donated 10 m urging them to accept me), Brown, Columbia, Georgetown , Brandeis, Amherst, Cornell.<br>
I dont expect to get into Brown, columbia, amherst. Cornell is a maybe, Penn a maybe. Brandeis a definate. Dartmouth depends on the weight of the ltter and Georgetown i hope ill get into, because i really like it</p>

<p>1460 isnt below the average at columbia and dartmouth</p>

<p>Yomoma you will get into one of those schools. While I'm not sure if you have any leadership positions in those clubs you mentioned, they certainly will help you come decision time. 1460 is just another number in the grand scheme of it all. Those schools are looking for not only smart students, but students who will give back to the community and the university itself. Your scores are competitive enough.. Relax with your 1460 and maybe shift your efforts to solidify things elsewhere (do more community service and keep the grades up)... Good luck</p>

<p>i do have leadership in those clubs. Co president of French club, prez of academic challenge and VP of Model UN</p>