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<p>Now that I have your attention...I was wondering if you guys could tell me if I have any chance at the following schools:UCLA, UCB (in state), Tufts(ED), Brown, Haverford, Middlebury, Pomona, USC, and any others you see fit! thanks!</p>

<p>my stats:
Im a senior at a very rigorous high school in northern California
HS GPA: 3.7ish
SAT: 710M, 690V (1410)
SAT II's: writing:740, french:740, math 1c:640(retook, probably around 720)
AP exams: french, environmental science (4), english, and biology. (These are also the AP classes I am taking) </p>

<p>I also took Honors chem. at a community college as well as did the "summer discovery" program @ UCSB and got A's in Linguistics and Native American Culture. </p>

Jazz band-2 years
CMEA(a music festival thing)-6
School band-all 4 years
"Pep" band (for football games)-4
Odyssey of the Mind-2(won regional, went to state)
Peer counseling-2
Peer tutoring-2
JV golf-2
President of French club and hospital colunteer CS club-2
Vice President of Art/Community service club
Around 200 CS hours at a soup kitchen, hospital, and peer counseling
Job: Graphic Designer (8hrs/week) since 2001</p>

<p>Good teacher recs, and (what I think is) a good and unique essay</p>

<p>Do you want to major in Computer Sci? Because I don't think Brown and Pomona should be on your list then.</p>

<p>UCLA-slight reach
USC-slight reach</p>

<p>Don't know about the other Haverford or Middlebury. Sorry.</p>

tufts-65% chance
USC-85% chance</p>

<p>I'd also put UCSD, because you'll probably be in easily.</p>

<p>wow-thanks! That's nice of you to say that i'm "in" at UCLA and UCB :) and, no, I don't want to major in comp. sci. Linguistics or Psych, most likely. Anyone else?</p>

<p>just a bump</p>

<p>bbbbump :)</p>


<p>UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
Tufts (ED): Match
Brown: Slight Reach
Haverford: ?
Middlebury: ?
Pomona: Match
USC: Match</p>