Chancess??? OOS

<p>Out of State Applicant (Philadelphia, PA)</p>

<p>GPA: (97%) (3.83 UW) (3.90 weighted) **not sure FSU's grading scale
SAT: 1800
6 AP classes by end of graduation (received a 5 on AP English exam)
Class Rank: Top 10% (20/300 students)
-Nat'l Honor Society member w/ over 165 hours of community service
-French Honor Society Member
-Founder/Pres of my school's business club
-Business Internship last summer
-Research Assistant/Volunteer experience at major hospital
-Varsity soccer team
-Varsity baseball team </p>

<p>I applied as a Real Estate major in the school of business</p>

<p>Did you apply for yesterday's decision, or the one in the Spring?</p>

<p>The Spring one is extremely more difficult to get in than the December decision date.</p>

<p>Here is what I found from the FSU website:
Applications And All Supporting Documents Received By: Decision Available Online:
October 17, 2011 December 14, 2011
January 18, 2012 March 14, 2012</p>

<p>I sent mine in early Dec...I don't know about any spring decision?</p>

<p>Yesterday wasn't the deadline, it was just a notification date</p>

<p>Pasbal is asking if you submitted your app by the early deadline of 10/17/11 or not. Since you submitted yours in early december, you won't learn your admissions decision until 3/14/12. </p>

<p>I won't comment on chances, but I will say that it's more difficult to get accepted if you apply after the early (October) deadline. Good luck!</p>

<p>Yeah, I was wondering if you just hadn't found out yet from the decision this week or if you were waiting until March.</p>

<p>You're going to be hard pressed to get in. The March deadline is significantly more difficult to get into.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your honest opinion.</p>

<p>How much harder is it actually to get in the second application term? I mean I do not see how it can be THAT much more difficult to get in than the first term. Yes, it definitely is easier to get into any school if you apply earlier, but I don't understand why the competition is greater for the second deadline?</p>

<p>FSU (and many other schools) does not accept many people from their second decision date. This is why it is much more competitive. As compared to this week's decision where they may have admitted (just making up numbers) 10-11,000 people, they might only admit a few hundred during the Spring. There's over 30,000 people that apply to FSU in the Fall, and many get deferred until Spring, which also can significantly influence how many spots are open at the second decision.</p>

<p>An unweighted 3.83 is impressive. I'm so jaded from seeing so many people with 3.1UW/4.0+W GPAs. It seems too inflationary to me. A 3.83 UW means that you got A's in just about everything. right? Everything else looks good too.</p>

<p>I think you have a very good chance.</p>

<p>Thank you very much!</p>

<p>Does anyone know if FSU places a lot of consideration on EC's? If they do, I am thinking that will work out to my benefit as well</p>

<p>It's important, but not anywhere near as important as your GPA and course difficulty (and as seen this year, grades in each course. Many impressive applicants this year were deferred due to a few undesirable grades). They're important in that if you are severely lacking in ECs (you aren't), then you are less likely to get in than someone who has a lot of ECs. </p>

<p>While it is a few years old, this thread has a lot of great info in recalculating your GPA to suit how FSU will recalculate it- including an easy to use printable sheet so you can calculate your FSU GPA on paper. </p>

<p>What I am a bit confused by is your unweighted GPA being a 3.83 and your weighted being a 3.9. Of course, I am no admissions officer, and since you seem confused, that might be inaccurate, but looking at that the first thought I had was that they were really close together. This suggested to me that your grades in your non-honors/AP/etc courses were typically not as good as those in your non-weighted classes, which would result in this. That could possibly work against you.</p>

<p>All that aside, I think you have a good shot of getting in for the March deadline. Keep in mind though that at that time, housing will likely reaching their limit for priority numbers, so if you were thinking of living on campus, you would likely end up in whatever was left, or you would have to look off-campus. I don't know how big of a deal that is to you, of course, but that is something to keep in mind. I also am not trying to be all down (I promise!) but there are some drawbacks to applying for the March decision. </p>

<p>Your application looks good though. :)</p>

<p>KFC, you could get in. your gpa is good.</p>

<p>Yes, my councilor gave me my gpa the other day, wrote it down for me and I was a little surprised a well. Our school only gives .5 points for AP's and .25 for honors courses..many schools around my area have the standard 1.0 points for AP and .5 points for honors.</p>

<p>Furthermore, I have received A's in all of my AP classes so far:</p>

<p>AP US History: 96%
AP Psychology: 99%
AP Economics: 95%
AP English: 95%</p>

<p>Thank you pasbal for the link!</p>

<p>I used the link and calculated a 4.0 on the dot. I guess this is my FSU gpa then..thanks!</p>

<p>KFC... I think you have a good chance...are you applying for summer or fall? My son is a soph at fsu ..he applied for the march deadline 2 years ago and his grades were around a 3.5 fsu gpa with lots of ec and 1800 sat.... When he applied he requested summer admission..also remember a lot of students applying for fsu are also applying for uf...uf decisions are in some students who were admitted this past week might decide to attend uf ... Opening up spots for march admission... Re housing my son got a very high priority number over 5000we did not realize when he was admitted in march to apply for housing that night needless to say he did receive housing assignment for kellum for fall and degraff for summer..after living in degraff he decided he did not want to live in kellum ... He put in for housing change...and called housing a couple times to check on his request and ended up in Reynolds for the fall.. So there are some options if you receive a high priority number. Good luck... I think you have a good chance for admission.</p>

<p>If you received As in all of your AP classes, then your application is even that much better. </p>

<p>Like I said, it just looked weird. It's like when people start saying they have a GPA higher than 5.0, because their school weights honors classes 1.0 and AP/IB/DE classes 2.0 but in this case, the opposite. :)</p>

<p>Yeah, I know where you're coming from because i thought the same thing as well when my councilor gave me my GPA. </p>

<p>Thank you all for being very helpful. This college stuff can get very confusing at times!</p>

<p>One more question, would it be beneficial for me to switch to summer term instead of fall term? Will it give me a better chance of getting in, or would it just enable me to get a "feel" for the campus before the rush of kids pile in for fall term 2012?</p>