<p> I tried this before on the "Chance Me" forum, but I didn't get a lot of I'm going to try again! Will you chance me for Rice and the Rice/Baylor Medical Program?!</p>

<p>GPA: 5.17 out of a 6.00 point scale
Class Rank: 18th out of 588 students (note -- this will probably be going up by the end of junior year...predicted around 11th/12th)
School: Fairly competitive...but not as competitive as the neighboring high school (Westwood)
State: Texas
PSAT Score: 214 (hoping my SAT score will be higher...been studying some more!)
SAT 2s: Taking them in June...
AP Scores: World History -- 5
Ethnicity: Caucasian</p>

<p>Freshman Year Classes: Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP English I, Pre-AP Biology, Geography, Latin I, Debate I, PE, ACE (Academic Career Excellence)/Health</p>

<p>Sophomore Year Classes: Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-AP English II, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP World History, Latin II, BCIS (i.e., a basic technology course), Dance I, Medical Terminology/Microbiology</p>

<p>Junior Year Classes: Pre-AP Pre-Calculus, AP English III (Lang. and Comp.), Pre-AP Physics, AP U.S. History, Pre-AP Latin III, HST I (Health Science Technology), Leadership/Communication Applications, Art I</p>

<p>(Planned) Senior Classes: AP Calculus AB, AP English IV (Lit. and Comp.), AP Biology, AP European History, AP Psychology, HST II (a block course in which you intern at a local hospital and receive your phlebotomy certification), Off-Period (during which I'll be taking a class at a local community college)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)
National Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
Key Club
Asian Club
Film Club
Life Teen Youth Group
Helping Homeless Families
Varsity Debate Team
UIL Social Studies
I plan to volunteer at a hospital this summer.
I lector at one of my church's masses.
I volunteer at my church's gift shop.
Volunteered at Down Home Ranch, a camp for children with Down's Syndrome.
Altar Served.
Used to dance outside of school.</p>

<p>Summer Activities: National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine
Bluebonnet Girls State
TACC Summer Research Institute
Will get a job this summer (probably at a hospital).
I take college courses at my local community college.
Volunteering at a hospital.</p>

<p>Leadership Roles: Secretary for Mu Alpha Theta
Parliamentarian for NHS
Junior Representative for Key Club
Student Leadership Forum for high school students at my school.
*Note: I will run for more positions next year.</p>

<p>Awards: 3rd Place at the Blanco UIL Debate Tournament.
Made it to Area for HOSA Bowl.
Alpha Award.</p>

<p>I'm parliamentarian for NHS too, awesome. All I do is tell underclassmen to shut up before the meetings start lol</p>

<p>Anyway, I think you have a really good chance, especially if you get kickass SAT's/ACT. Try to raise your GPA a bit (was that weighted or unweighted?). Don't forget those subject tests, take the science ones right after AP exams so everything will be fresh in your memory (I got 800 in physics without studying, only because it was right after the physics AP).</p>

<p>Your EC's look pretty solid as well. With some awesome essays you should be in I think.</p>

<p>Haha...yeah, yelling at the nhs students used to be my job also, until the president took over for no valid reason. :( Thanks for the input, and btw, I saw that you're from mcallen. Do you know a junior named Andrea Urias? I went to a camp with her last summer.
P.S. -- 800 on the physics sat II??!! That's crazy insane!! I'm in physics right now, and I'm fairly decent...but I'd never be able to score 800 on the exam!!</p>

<p>Chill; the curve on Physics/Chem is insane. Its not extremely hard to get a 800 if you do well in AP. Most students who get 4's on AP would have 750+.</p>

<p>No I'm actually near McAllen but in another town, so I don't know her.
And agreed with noobcake. Physics test wasn't any worse than the AP (probably even easier), and I heard you can miss 10+ questions and still get 800... so don't worry =)
If AP was easy for you, SAT Physics should be easy as well!</p>

<p>altindiegirl -- The reason you haven't received many responses is because most of us don't answer chances threads (because we don't know the answer) -- especially if you haven't even taken the SAT yet. If you are in range of admission (which you can check yourself by looking at the admitted students stats from previous years), then definitely apply. Good luck to you!</p>