Chancing with ThickEnvelope?

<p>Have any of you gone on and paid to have your student "chanced." Was it worth the time to fill out the extensive survey and pay the fee?</p>

<p>There are two FREE similar "chances" websites below that I'm aware of. Why don't you try them first? I am currently tracking their predictions for my D, and so far, after 7 decisions received, they seem to be fairly on the mark. Have fun! </p>

<p>CollegeData:</a> College Search, Financial Aid, College Application, College Scholarship, Student Loan, FAFSA Info, Common Application</p>

<p>College</a> Admission Chances | My - Data-driven college admission prediction.</p>

<p>ollump: Out of curiousity, of the colleges your D received acceptance to, What was the percentage that mychances gave her for acceptances to those schools.</p>

<p>Thanks for the link!</p>

<p>On, they predicted that the chances of admission ranged from 52.8 % to 80% (with a degree of accuracy of 92-100%, depending on the school and how many prior predictions have been made for them) for the schools she already has recently been accepted at. There was only one college it predicted that she wouldn't get into with a 47.8% chance (73% accuracy). She hasn't heard from that college yet. On, they don't give you a number/percentage chance of admission, but they plot your chances of admission at each school on a continuum which ranges from "REACH----MAYBE----GOOD BET". I have a good friend who used this site last year during her child's application process and feels that it was pretty accurate.</p>