Change a class?

<p>Ok, i originally signed up for English r1a during calso. however, i was looking over the schedule, and see that almost all the classes are full. So, if i want to change to another class, should i just sign up for something different when phase II begins. I kinda remember a lady at calso telling me to do something if i wanted to change classes, but i don't remember. any help!?</p>

<p>If you have a spot in english r1a, dont give it up. Its very difficult to get into the class off the waitlist.</p>

<p>no, i mean during calso, we had to write down our schedule and handed it in to our advisor i think...i wrote down english r1a, but i signed up for math/chem. that means according to my schedule, i should sign up for english r1a in phase II, but there are really no openings, and i would rather just take it next semester. just to clarify.</p>

<p>Just sign up for any R&C class that is open that you can fit in your schedule. You don't need to sign up for English R1A in particular, it can be any R&C "A" class such as German R5A or Celtic Studies R1A.</p>