Change college?

<p>After visiting on scholars day and seeing the college I randomly chose (sixth), would it be possible to change to another one? It just seems so... summer campish and I think I would haev a better experience at another college. It's not bad or anything, but I don't think it is for me</p>

<p>lol didn't they nickname sixth college, camp snoopy? haha since you said it was summer campish, i guess it's a well given name.</p>

<p>theyre unlikely to process your college change request since you havent matriculated as an official student yet. you can try calling the admissions office and see what they say -- but for regular students, it is still a hard have to prove that you can save 2 quarters in GEs (or something like that), etc</p>

<p> is SUPER hard for people to switch colleges once youve been placed in one. you have to find another student from a different college that is willing to switch into your college most of the time. only under special circumstances does ucsd ever let you change your college..thats why a major emphasis they try to put on prospective students is to thuroughly research each college before they once youre in youre kinda.....stuck. i kno tons of people who arent satisfied with their college but cant do anything about it, so hopefully youll enjoy sixth, or be able to make the best of it </p>

<p>at least as a 'new' college if you liked to get involved you could help shape what it could eventually be, since it doesnt really have a sense of what 'type' of college it is yet</p>

<p>i've never heard of the whole "find another student to take your place" thing. i mean, who in their right mind would want to transfer TO revelle or erc? </p>

<p>i think of sixth college as quirky ... but all the people i've met from there have been really cool</p>

<p>dont worry about it... once youre there itll be fine.... and no one is forcing you to be in sixth college all time its not like youre fenced in...
you can just go all over campus if you dont like it that much</p>

<p>but everyone in sixth are cool</p>

<p>I have it on pretty good authority that students selected for 6th are strong on leadership. This lends itself well to the whole Culture Art Technology thrust at 6th. You were placed there because someone thought you are a leader.</p>

<p>You are not placed there but rather you select to go there yourself.</p>

<p>Not always, many students don't get their first, second or even third choice. I know a young man who is in 6th and it was his last choice.</p>

<p>Thank you for the correction, I did not know about that and I stand corrected.</p>

<p>Okay thanks for the replys everyone.</p>

<p>I guess i'll just stick with it then rather than try and go to another one that I haven't even visited yet.</p>

<p>and in addition to what collegemom said, i met a student on scholars day who put sixth as last choice and got into it, so we didn't get first choice. I don't remember what I put as first choice so.... haha</p>

<p>Don't change your mind based on appearances.. The Sixth College res halls don't look that great, but Sixth has some of the nicer apartments on campus. And most of the dorms are nearly identical inside (in terms of space, how nice they are, etc.), regardless of the college.</p>

<p>one advantage of being such a new college is that you don't have ugly stereotypes to live down .... yet. :)</p>

<p>does anyone know of the actual chances of getting in to your first choice college? according to the guide when i visited UCSD last summer, most everyone gets into their first or second choice. in your experience, is this true?</p>

<p>also, how does SD assign your college, as in; is it random, do students with "better" applications have a higher chance of getting their first choice, does it depend on your major (ie. do they try to balance out the majors in each college), etc.</p>