Change Major After Acceptance

<p>I've just got accepted at one of my schools I applied for junior transfer. It has me listed as an Economics Major, but I want to change it to political science. Is it possible for me to ask the school to change my major before I start there for my junior year. Economics and Poli Sci are both in the College of Arts and Sciences so would they be flexible or am I screwed with econ?</p>

<p>Your best bet is to call the school and explain the situation.</p>

<p>Did you mark "Econ" on your application or were you placed there? </p>

<p>you might want to do some research about the Political Science Department. What is their requirements for declaring Poli Sci? How do you fare in general: will you graduate on time if you become Poli Sci? What about if you become Econ? Research the school's philosophy a bit. Some schools will be very stingy and have a very formal major declaration process, at other schools students don't officially declare until they graduate. </p>

<p>Once you get some hard data and get a feel for the situation, you should contact admissions. If admissions replies with "econ or bust" then go and talk to the poli sci adviser.</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptance!</p>

<p>I hate to say it, but many, many schools make you go through months of red tape before you finally make the switch.</p>

<p>I might end up calling admissions and see what they have to say. I do well in economics. I get high marks, but I just don't enjoy it. My true interest is in political science, which I truly enjoy. When I applied I just put Econ. down b/c I thought it would be easier to get into b/c of my grades and I thought I can just switch right after I get accepted. I hope I'm able to get it straightened out over the summer break before junior year starts. If not I might just have to suck it up.</p>